Holiday Bucket List // CEO in Progress

Holiday Bucket List

Can someone please tell me where this year went? I swear I don’t know how it’s already November. This fall went by in such a flash, I want to make sure that we take time to enjoy the holiday season, so I’m making a bucket list to wrap up the year. We have a lot going on at work and personally, but it’s still important to enjoy the journey.

Holiday Bucket List // CEO in Progress

Sip Hot Cocoa with a Book All Morning // If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to waste a morning, but sometimes taking it easy is exactly what’s needed. Hopefully I can find a sleepy morning to put away the distractions, grab a book, sip hot chocolate and just relax.

Spend More Time Outside // It always gets hard at this time of the year, but I want to make sure we spend some time outside. I’m excited to go cross country skiing, and I would love to go kayaking (with a lot of warm clothes).

Be More Intentional About My Time // I feel like lately I’ve been wasting sooo much time procrastinating. There’s quite a long list of I want to get done by the end of the year and nowhere near enough days left, I’m trying to work on spending my time focusing on what’s the most important.

Go to Wild Lights at the Zoo // Even though it’s such a long season that the lights are up for, we still struggled to make it out last year. I’m excited for date night at the Zoo and hitting up Royal Oak for dinner & drinks.

Make Homemade Gifts // I’ve gotten so sick of getting gift cards, everyone always enjoys it, but it seems so impersonal. This year I want to take some time and make something special for the people I care about. Not to save money, but just to put some extra effort and thought in to gifts. If you have any ideas let me know, my Pinterest board is filled with ideas but it’s almost too many!

Go Cut Down a Christmas Tree // Getting a bit ahead of myself, but who cares! We talk about it every year, but this year I definitely want to spend an afternoon picking out a tree in the forest.

I can’t believe we’re already headed in to the holidays, but I’m looking forward to spending this time embracing the cold and watching Elf 3,847,228 times. What are you excited about this season?!

Let me know what you think!