Holiday Party Outfit Ideas // CEO in Progress

Holiday Party Outfits

It just dawned on me that I probably need to get some ideas for what I’m wearing for all of the events happening so soon. With Christmas parties, family gatherings, and New Years Eve right around the corner there’s a lot of ideas and options flying through my mind.

Of course, it depends on your style, but I’m always tend to stick with black as a staple for winter. I always struggle to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. There’s something so easy and classic about black, I sometimes hate stepping away, but I’ve definitely become more of a fan of red this year than normal. Red can be a big statement for a redhead, but it can pay off, too.

Here’s some examples of what I’m thinking for the season for different styles depending on the occassion. From a fancy NYE party to a casual night out with old friends at home, here are a few options that will get you through the season.


H&M Holiday Party Outfit


If you’re in need of a good going out dress and can handle a statement you may need to check out this one. Holy sparkles, the back of this dress is beautiful, too. And maybe its the fact that I’m a grandma, but I always need tights in the winter, nothing ruins a look more than goosebumps!

American Eagle Holiday Party Look


This is the perfect casual look for catching up with friends over drinks or for a chill Christmas morning opening presents. I’m obsessed with this shirt, it’d be great in the summer with some white jeans too!

J.Crew Factory Holiday Party Look


This is my favorite look definitely, I’m 100% obsessed with this shirt, just got it over Black Friday, and love it for dressing up for work or wearing with jeans. Perfect look for family parties or Christmas Mass at Church!

What are your holiday festivity staples?!


Let me know what you think!