How Can I? Change Your Mentality & Change Your Life // CEO in Progress

How Can I? Change Your Mentality & Change Your Life

The beginning of the year is filled with so much promise and hope, but quickly that can turn in to confusion, uncertainty, and difficulty. Deciding to do something new or different is a exciting time, but if you’re going head strong into a whole new project it can also be pretty defeating. One minute you’re thinking you can do it, and the next you’ve encountered something totally impossible.

Your mentality when you reach these moments will be what breaks you or what fuels you to keep going. You have the power by simply flipping a switch in your brain to achieve what you didn’t think was possible.

Instead of simply saying “I can’t,” you need to instead say to yourself “How can I?”

How Can I? Change Your Mentality // CEO in Progress

If you’ve ever read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you’ve heard this before. If you haven’t, you need to read it asap (it’s basically ever successful investor’s favorite book, ever). He explains in his book that there is so much that is possible, but we are limiting ourselves by not allowing our mind to think creatively.

Simply saying “I can’t” to yourself stops your mind from trying to creatively solve the problem. It prevents you from ever even having the opportunity to try. Asking yourself “How can I?” however, tells yourself that it is possible and that you just need to think differently.

I’ve lately been doing a lot of research for a new project slash facelift of an existing problem. There are definitely challenges and a few new & foreign questions. But instead of simply getting lost in confusing forums, difficult questions, and complex governmental jargon, I thought about the problem differently. I closed out of my 180 (not really but it felt like it) open research tabs and went to one, Facebook. No, not to look at puppy videos or creep on some random friend from high school, but to reach out to my network. I asked for advice, and so quickly I was able to get clear, concise advise from a trusted source. Instead of giving up, I looked at it differently, researched differently, and solved it differently.

Sometimes you need to simply shut it down, turn your brain off for a second (or a day) and come back to it with a new mindset and a new frame of reference. For all of those out there who are stuck or in a rut, take a breather, turn off the negativity, and look at the problem from a new angle. If you’re still stuck, reach out to your network (the comments below is always an option!) and see what they can do to help, I’m sure someone else has been there before, too!

Let me know what you think!