How Pinterest Affected Me

How Pinterest Affected Me

Tonight, I went on Pinterest.

Okay, not a big shocker since I’m on Pinterest a lot (if you haven’t yet, follow my CEO-in-Progress board!), but tonight there was a different feeling I got from it. Usually I go on to find a good recipe, get some inspiration, and add articles to my to-read list. But tonight, the magical Pinterest people hand selected the perfect selection of pins to display on my feed that inspired both cute holiday décor ideas and a solid feeling of jealousy.

Not at anything in particular, really, but just at other people in general. They were going on better adventures, their house was decorated better, they had motivation to achieve their goals. You know, the basic 5-minute spiral of ‘how did my life go terribly wrong for no reason’.

The sad thing was, I didn’t feel this way at all beforehand. I just wanted a little distraction and procrastination before I finished laundry and showered. But instead, all I could think about was that everything had to be better.

But honestly, why? Why do I need to compare my life to anyone else’s? Maybe I haven’t had the same adventures that the hiker on Pinterest has with her coffee and her side of the mountain, but I know there will be and is my own side of the mountain. One that is perfect for me, and fills me with happiness, joy and passion (there will also be coffee on my side of the mountain – it’s a pretty good mountain).

Sometimes it’s so easy to judge our lives as a comparison to other’s especially considering our daily lives involve so much social media and connection to others that I can know what Beyoncé has for breakfast. In a world that’s based too much on likes and followers, I think the most important thing is what you think of you, not what others think of you.

I hate feeling this fear of judgment and comparison; it’s useless and unnecessary. Spending more time pretending to be something for someone else won’t get you where you want to go. I’m not going to focus on what other’s have, I’m going to focus on what I have.


My wise yoga teacher keeps repeating the phrase, “in gratitude I have grace” lately and it could not be more fitting. The rest of the month will be spent being grateful for all of my blessings and hoping that I find my inner happiness through thankfulness.

Sorry if my ramblings tonight seem like I’m crazy or insane or overly self-conscious. I’m not (well at least not most of the time). I just wanted to share something that I feel like must be universal, and hope that if you feel the same way, you take a moment and think about your blessings and the good things in your life. If you feel the same way, I hope your 5-minute sad-spiral ends like mine did, with the thoughts of all the good things in my life and a hug. Sometimes it’s the little things that bring you back down to Earth. 🙂


Let me know what you think!