Organizing Your Ideas: Tools & Tips to Never Forget Something Amazing

Organizing your ideas is a never ending task. My mind is like a little circus with 100 different things going on at once, with everything coinciding and going in opposite directions all at the same time. I’m guessing you’re a lot like this (otherwise I’m probably going to seem insane from this point onward) so I want to give you some tips to help you organize your mind. That way when that million dollar idea hits you, you don’t get distracted by the next shiny object.

Here’s some of the things that I’m constantly writing down and organizing when it comes to my mind: travel ideas, business ideas, project ideas, entertainment ideas, goals for myself, movies to watch, books to read, recipes to make, basically the real-life pinterest board. Pinterest is great, but unfortunately they haven’t built mind reading into the app yet, so I’m still a little out of luck when those random moments or conversations happen.

With all of these different these wonderfully different yet equally passionate and important post-it notes in my mind, I have a couple ways of keep track of what’s what. My tools are a little all over the place, but I feel that one system doesn’t work for everything or everyone, so as I need to I adapt and try new things, I suggest that you do the same!

Organizing Your Ideas: Tools & Tips to Never Forget Something Amazing // CEO in Progress

Tools to Organize

Evernote //

Evernote is my go-to. Every time I hear of a cool restaurant/place to visit, I open up my “Travel Ideas” notebook and either create a new note for the new location or add on to the existing note for a place to visit. Then I categorize tips under places to stay, things to do, restaurants, attractions, or shops. I’m also sure to include some details like links, who recommended it, or any other details like ‘reserve online’ or ‘get there in the morning.’’

I also used Evernote hardcore to organize for my wedding. I had a notebook that held everything: packing lists, dress ideas, major todos, things not to forget, restaurant ideas, save the date picks, venue search information. Like literally my world when wedding planning, I HIGHLY recommend using it if you’re prepping for the big day.

Mindnode Pro //

Mindnode Pro has really helped me organize my goals for this year. It’s a digital branching chart that allows you to be very detailed but also sectionalized all at the same time. Each different goal of mine branched off in a new direction with a new color that made it easy to tell things apart and focus on one. Read more about how I planned my goals out here.

Journal it out //

I’m a major proponent of journaling. There’s no better way to start my day than reflect on the positives of yesterday and what good I’m preparing for today. But some of my best ideas have come out while I’m journaling. When I journal, I try to let my mind wander and not limit what I put on the page based on an preconceived notions. This helps me unwind but also give my mind a chance to freely run through problems and feelings without trapping itself in it’s own constraints.

Try journaling as a way to loosen up your mind and allow yourself to creatively solve a solution you’re stuck with. Start out simply describing the problem and your emotions to it. Then try to work back from that and solve it using the 5 whys. Why is it making you feel that way? Why? Why? Why? Why? Eventually you’ll come to the heart of the problem and find a solution that’ll deep down resolve the issue.

Pen & Paper //

The amount of sticky notes in my life is borderline crazy. I have notes about items to bring up in meetings, to do’s when I get home, lists of places I want to visit, meal plans, brainstorming session, everything. When my thoughts are the most scattered, putting pen to paper is sometimes the only way to have it all make sense and get organized again. When all the fancy systems, tech-y apps, and life hacks fail, pen & paper will never do you wrong.  

Organizing Your Ideas: Tools & Tips to Never Forget Something Amazing // CEO in Progress

Just starting to to get organized? Don’t worry about filtering your thoughts and feelings. Just let it out and get it somewhere you’ll remember it. Don’t limit yourself by your own limiting factors & fears from sketching out design ideas, writing dream bucket lists down, or prepping steps to open your own business. Use these organization systems and tips above to let your imagination go and not worry about what others or your own self doubt thinks.



2 thoughts on “Organizing Your Ideas: Tools & Tips to Never Forget Something Amazing

  1. I agree, nothing will beat pen & paper. There is something really comforting about following the traditional route and just using the good ol’ pen and paper. Especially when it comes to writing in my journal. It is really therapeutic for me.

    I love Evernote. I use it to write down all my blog ideas and move them to a new folder called published posts once they are completed, as well as saving links and articles that I want to read later. It’s even better because you can sync it between devices so I always usually have access to it.

    I’ve never used Mindnode Pro before but from your explanation, it seems like a really efficient way to break down your goals and track them. Might have to give it a go.

    Emily |

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