Ideas for Christmas Cards on a Budget

Christmas Cards are one of my favorite traditions. I love getting beautiful letters from friends and family, getting a chance to share some spirit and how the year has gone. Last year we sent out cards using Snapfish and I loved how they turned out, however they can get costly quick if you want to get personalized cards.

Between the cards, shipping, and postage to send them out it can be an extra cost on an already expensive time of the year. Here’s some options if you want to spread some cheer and not ruin your budget.

Ideas for Christmas Cards on a Budget // CEO in Progress


Postcards can be a great alternative to a traditional card. They’re usually cheaper to print (50 for $10 at Vistaprint right now) and you can still get festive designs with room for a personal message. Another positive, the postage for postcards is cheaper than usual, 34 cents.

Etsy Template

Etsy is one of my favorites (check out my small shop here!) and they have a lot of beautiful designs for holiday cards as well for a reasonable price. There a million options, plus there’s a lot of customizable options where you can change the wording or add pictures. If you purchase a digital download you can always print at a reasonable price at Staples on nice thick card stock for a finished look.

Photo Cards from Meijer

Meijer (if you’re in the Midwest) has a lot of fun options for photo cards you can make in store or online. For under $1 a card you can get same day pick up and great designs in a convenient location. Plus pick up in store means no shipping costs!


Can’t find a design that you like? DIY is always a great option, plus those cards always mean so much when you receive them. People are so crafty, so there are a million tutorials online to follow if you’re interested. If you’re overwhelmed with options, check out this Buzzfeed article with 49 DIY holiday card ideas for inspiration.


Groupon is such a magical place. I always find some interesting things on the site, but one really great thing that they have is card discounts. Search for photo cards and check out all of the different websites that offer discounted credit, there’s great options!


Digital holiday cards are a great way to send some cheer on a budget. Paperless Post has some beautiful options designed by Rifle Paper Co. and American Greetings has e-cards with great animation, plus a 7-day free trial to test it out.

Are you sending out holiday cards this year?! 


Let me know what you think!