Holiday Ideas I'm Taking in to the New Year for My Etsy Shop // CEO in Progress

Holiday Ideas I’m Taking in to the New Year

I feel like this is already a little late, although it shouldn’t be! Once New Year’s Eve passed time has flown by. There’s been so many changes and things going on this year already, but the end of the year and holiday season left me with so many ideas, lessons, and goals for next year.

This was my first holiday season with my etsy shop Ginger and Daisy, and there was a lot to learn. I wasn’t really sure how well vintage did at christmas time for gifts, I figured decor would do great, but early on while people were still pinning ideas and getting their inspo on.

My hopes were pretty simple, I wanted to get to 100 sales for the year and try some new product ideas. I really wanted to come in to this year with an open mind, and use it as a learning opportunity. There was a lot of things that I could’ve done better possibly, or things I could’ve tried, but all in all I was happy with how the year wrapped up. I hit my sales goal, reached $1k in revenue for the year (woot! woot!) and saw some success on a few of the ideas I had tried out.

Some of these successes and lessons were so helpful, I wanted to focus on them more for 2018. The reason I love this business is because of all of the creativity and opportunity, so why not take the new year as a chance to try these bad boys out a little bit more?! New product ideas, new avenues to wander down, different product photography, it’s all wide open for this year.

Holiday Ideas I'm Keeping Alive in My Etsy Shop // CEO in Progress

Keep DIY Projects In the Shop

I had a few DIY projects that did really well over the holidays. For the most part keep to simply vintage, to be honest I’m not particularly patient enough to hone any craft besides shopping (*insert shrugging emoji here*). But I found a few things that I liked that really fit with the style of the shop and helped add some holiday cheer.

One that sold really well was the beaded garland that I had in my shop. I ended up having to restock a couple of times, with people reaching out to me asking for more. It was a simple little craft, but it helped increase my confidence about what I make.

I’m going to take this confidence (and hopefully some patience) in to the new year and make a few more DIY projects to keep up regularly. Simple things with a vintage flair, but something that I can keep more than one in stock of. Vintage listings always take a while, and there’s no economies of scale considering you can’t do one listing for multiple items. Having some DIY Items I can keep 5, 10 of will help cut down on that staring-at-the-screen time that always seems to happen when writing listings. Maybe something like vintage tea cup candles or some simple map garland? Check the shop back out later and see what I come up with!

Theme Inspired Sections of My Shop

I had a holiday store in my shop for most of November and December, and I really think it helped my sales out having a collection for shoppers to check out. I don’t know if it honestly did, but my gut tells me it did, and it also tells me it wants ice cream, so I tend to listen to it. Mostly it was holiday inspired items, good gift ideas, things for the holiday table, etc.

I’m in the progress of doing the same right now for Valentine’s Day decor & gifts, check it out and let me know what you think! Mother’s Day is definitely another great time to curate a special collection, same with spring, Father’s Day, and hopefully a few more along the way.

Create More Events

I hosted my first ‘event’ for my Etsy shop during Black Friday, and I think it did help. I posted a little Facebook event, reached out to some bloggers, and spread the word as much as I could. I think sometimes it helps too when you have an all-encompassing event, instead of trying to market like a bunch of small things (new listings! free shipping! gift with purchase! holiday decor! – it’s a little overwhelming). I definitely have a lot of other opportunities and lessons learned from that one, but overall it was definitely helpful in getting the word out.

I’m pushing myself to do some more in-person events this year (stay tuned!), but I want to do more online shopping events too, with little giveaways, partnerships, and special featured finds. Maybe Mother’s Day? We’ll have to get planning!

What was your biggest lesson of 2017?!

Holiday Ideas I'm Keeping Alive in My Etsy Shop // CEO in Progress

Let me know what you think!