In the past 365 days since graduation...

In 365 Days: My Graduation Anniversary

Today marks a year since I walked across the stage and joined the alumnae life of Grand Valley and Delta Zeta. There has been so much change and progress and unknowns in the last quick moment of time, it’s amazing where this year has taken me.

In the course of 365 days I have

moved out of my last college dorm.

Grand Valley Adventure Coming to a close

Started my first full time job.

branch visit

Became a homeowner.

365 Days



Learned what friendships last.


Worked hard at new ventures.

When Things Don't Go Right

Opened myself open for change.

365 days since graduation

Dealt with difficult times.

365 days since graduation

Committed to spend a lifetime with my best friend.

365 days since graduation

And it all started with that quick little walk across the stage.

It’s amazing to think that in the course of one afternoon I closed one chapter of my story and started writing the next one. Filled with blank pages and open ended questions, it’s slowly being penned in, one day at a time, one line at a time. Although I will forever miss my Alma Mater, this new chapter has filled me with so much joy and happiness.

That day that seemed so terrifying for four years turned into such a beautiful beginning. It’s been a chance to start over, to establish myself, and to live out some of the things I’ve been dreaming of doing while sitting in the classroom. We’re starting a business, I’m focusing on my passions, and the terrifying unknown has cleared up (slightly).

To all of those who are about to embark this journey of graduation, just embrace it. Enjoy the last few finals, the clock tower ringing out and your favorite study spot. Live in the moment, but also be excited about the future. Be ready to embrace the unknown and love every second of it. I remember crossing the stage not being sure how the plan I had prepared for myself would unfold and being nervous about the decisions I had made, but every one of them, no matter how different or nerve-wracking, has shaped me in these last 365 days.

In 365 days, I’m positive that I will not be sitting in the same position (well maybe because I’m currently extremely comfy), but I will have progressed and grown and changed for the better. So I want to thank the last 365 days and welcome the next 365 days, because I have no idea where it will take me but I can’t wait.

365 days since graduation



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