Jamaican Packing List

Okay I swear this is the last Jamaica post for a while (not ever, no promises). I really wanted to share some of my packing essentials for the trip since it was really hard for me to find a great list of packing ideas when I was prepping.

It was hard to tell what I would need or what would be best to pack since the weather was all over the place and I had never been to an all inclusive resort before. I ended up definitely not bringing enough work out clothes and I felt like I could have gone with a more colorful swim suit since all of mine are black. Plus I forgot sunglasses and by the end of the week my eyes felt like it.

What to Pack

Jamaican Packing Essentials



Dress For Dinner //You’ll want one or two dresses and outfits to wear for a fancier night. There’s different options of restaurants and so you may want to fancy-it-up one night.

Sunglasses // I mentioned above that I forgot mine and I seriously regret it! I was planning on bringing my nice ray-bans, but I was too nervous to just leave them at the beach (although once we were there I realized how secure the whole resort was and I probably didn’t need to worry). I opted out of bringing them but never remembered to go get a new pair that I had less attachment to.

Fun bathing suit // All of my bathing suits are either from when I was a young teen or are black. There’s not really a problem with all black, but I just felt like I didn’t fit in with the tropical atmosphere. A fun bathing suit would have been nice to have as an option. I brought 3 for the week we were there and that was plenty.

Floppy hat // Saved my life and my skin! It was great to not have to squint every two seconds and also not to be as red as a tomato for the rest of the vacation. I also brought one of my favorite baseball hats as a back up.

Printed shorts // I ended up brining my bright green shorts, my jean shorts, and a pair of cotton stripe shorts for the trip and it was a perfect combo. They can be dressed up if needed but can also go with a t-shirt to run down to breakfast in.

Athletic Shorts // We’re a pretty active couple, and I went through every single piece of athletic apparel I brought. The problem is the second you start to move you start to sweat, so there really wasn’t much going back on any of those. I brought two pairs of shorts, two skirts for tennis, and a pair of athletic leggings, but I could’ve gone with a few more shirts and sports bras.

Tote for the beach // You’re going to want a throw-all for your books, key cards, phones, cameras, wallets, anything needed for a day of relaxing (although our wallets never actually left the safe the whole time we were on the trip, so that was great not to worry about it). My best friend got me the cutest blue and white stripe beach bag that’s a great waterproof material that will last for forever, but I love the pattern of this one too!

Slip on sandals // The only shoes I brought were my plastic flip flops, nicer slip on sandals, and my tennis shoes. If we were going to go out and do any of the hiking and climbing waterfalls, I would’ve also liked my watershoes (Keens are great if you need a recommendation!). They were perfect for dinner, heading to the beach, and easy enough where I didn’t have to worry about if my feet were comfortable or if they were appropriate.

Statement Necklace // If you want to dress it up a bit at night, just throw a great statement necklace in your bag that’s simple enough to match everything you’re bringing but big enough to stand out. I love this one, plus the price is right so that if I leave it in a hotel room (wouldn’t be the first time) I wouldn’t feel so heartbroken, don’t get me started about our Traverse City trip!

Cover Up // I would recommend definitely bringing 2, but pick ones that you feel comfortable enough to go get lunch in while your down by the beach. I brought one that was a long tunic and one that was a shawl. I absolutely loved the shawl, but felt a little uncomfortable eating lunch without being covered more.

All Inclusive Resort Packing List // CEO in Progress

What Not To Pack

Expensive Jewelry // You’ll just worry about it and it’s not worth the stress or hassle!

Heels // You’ll most likely trip anyways or feel out of place. If you love heels, opt for a cute simple wedge that’s a little more relaxed.

Make Up // Now I’m not a huge make up person to begin with, but I didn’t wear any for all of our vacation. It was too hard to deal with, I would sweat it off anyways, and it just wasn’t worth it in my opinion. I would only bring the bare essentials if you’re planning on bringing anything!


Let me know what you think!