January Monthly Recap / CEO in Progress

January Monthly Recap

As I start to focus more on business and etsy, I wanted to routinely post a monthly recap all about the status of my blog and shop letcha know how the month went. Nothing too structured or teach-y, but just a little summary of the last 30 days.

I honestly think too that this will help me keep on track with my goals for the year as well. If I have to openly share with the world how I’m doing, fingers crossed it will help be be more accountable. I will also let you know if I set on the couch and eat cookies all month. Honesty.

January was…interesting to say the least. I had so many goals and plans to start new routines, but it was so difficult because of so many roadblocks and issues along the way. Fingers crossed February will let us take a deep breath and have a fresh start for the year. Day 1 is a good start, but we’ve got a long way to go.

January Monthly Recap / CEO in Progress


This month I literally killed it with my etsy shop. The end of the year was a big boost, and I was expecting a slow month, but instead, it was even busier than in December. I ended up posting 35 new listings, and even did a mini Valentine’s Day collection as well.

I’m currently at 23 orders for the month as I’m writing this (let’s see if I can remember to update before I hit publish!), and with my goal of 300 orders for the year, I’m really not far off track. Etsy searching was still my biggest source of traffic at 54%, but social media is still my struggle for referrals. It only bring in .8% of my traffic for the month, so¬†definitely¬†something I can work on for the next month.

This month I also launched our website for Ginger & Daisy outside of Etsy-sphere. I was always worried about something happening with Etsy and losing any sort of ability to do business. I’m trying to blog once a week, share events I’m going to, and give some general info. Definitely a work in progress, but I’ve learned it’s more about starting than being perfect.


Unfortunately I haven’t been as consistent at blogging as I wanted to at the start of the year. I originally wanted to try post new blog content daily, but with so much going on it’s been tough. I’ve also decided to focus more on business and Etsy if you haven’t realized, so we will see where this whole little path ends up as the year goes on! I’m really just letting this whole journey roll out as it was meant to be.

This month I did do a post with a free download, and I’m working on growing my email list, so hopefully in February I can expand on that a bit more. I also really want to work on my photography! I tried in December, but because it was -100 degrees outside and cloudy the entire month (no exaggeration…) it was a bit more difficult than anticipated. Hopefully I’ll be able to be creative and take some beautiful pics for February.

January Monthly Recap / CEO in Progress


Oh yeah don’t forget about that bad boy! I’m still loving that 40 hour (and then some) a week lifestyle, and taking new responsibilities on to start the year. It’s been incredibly hectic, and I’m kinda just jumping feet first in to a new role, but it’s been fun and challenging. We got to go check out the auto show and see some of our handiwork as well, it’s always interesting to see how your work comes together in real life.

Overall, I’m so ready for February to come. I’ll be turning 25 and excited to have a quarter life crisis (what should I splurge on?!), we’re headed to Arizona for a long weekend, and hopefully the weather will start to turn around. January was a great start to the year, but there’s so much still to look forward to!

What was your January highlight?!

Let me know what you think!