Kayaking and Cameras

So happy I finally got my waterproof camera in the mail this weekend! I  ordered a Nikon CoolPix S32 Waterproof Digital Camera off Groupon for a great deal and I love it (sorry, but it’s already sold out!) and it is perfect for our adventures on our lake and eventually throughout Michigan, once we get kayak racks for my car. I was extremely impressed by the quality of the pictures, for the price I got and having it be waterproof I didn’t have high expectations, but it didn’t disappoint.

The only ones that didn’t come out well were the selfies we attempted to take, but that wasn’t the camera’s fault, that was definitely user error and some serious sun-in-the-eyes-syndrome that notoriously results in one eye super squinty.

We bought these kayaks at the beginning of the summer and I am so grateful for them. It gives us a means to explore a little bit more of our beautiful lake, and lets us enjoy the lake without having to get a big boat. We try and take them out every week, and I always look forward to it. Our goal is to eventually be able to go all the way around White Lake, but its huge and my arms are not, so I usually get tired after like 45 minutes. Plus with a lake you get the wakes from boats and the current that pulls you always in the wrong direction, so that’s an excuse too, right?

It’s nice to get out on the water after a long day of work and enjoy the summer sun. Hopefully now with my new camera I’ll be able to capture all of our fun times without having to risk my phone! Can’t wait to share our adventures with all of you, and if you have a favorite kayaking spot  please comment below!


Let me know what you think!