Milford Memories Preview: Tips and Favorites Along the Festival

Growing up in Milford, Milford Memories was basically a holiday for us kids. This big arts & crafts street fair meant lots of game, elephant ears, and getting a chance to roam the streets of the village. Now, it means lots of great sidewalk sales, craft beer tents as far as the eye can see, and a chance to take a stroll through one of the cutest downtowns you will ever see.

Milford Memories Festival: Tips & Favorites // CEO in Progress

What it is

Milford Memories has been established for years and is voted continually one of the best art shows in the area. From August 11th to August 13th, the festival stretches along Milford Road from the Railroad Tracks north of town down all the way past central park. Along the way you can find vendors from all over the country, local shops with lots of sales and unique finds, craft beer, great food, and activities for kids. Did I mention the cinnamon almonds? Yeah, we got those. At the end of August, it’s a perfect way to soak up the last bit of summer.


The weekend has expanded as festival has expanded, and now the schedule is filled with races, early morning yoga, craft beer tent at Palate and River’s Edge Brewing Company, concerts, and of course Cold Butt Euchre. Can you get more Michigan than Cold Butt Euchre?! Of course on top of that, there’s enough shopping to last you the entire weekend, but it’s always nice to have a little break. Check the schedule online, their Facebook page, or their booth at the event to learn when your favorite events are happening.

Milford Memories Festival: Tips & Favorites // CEO in Progress


Parking // Parking can be a tough way to start any sort of festival. Most of the downtown is closed down during this weekend, so a lot of the normally free parking is not available. There are neighborhoods and back streets that are within walking distance and are an option, but if you don’t get there before 11 am, most of those spots are already taken. We usually end up parking at The Red Dog or right near there for a small fee, most years it’s only $5. This will save us  from walking an extra mile when we will already be doing a lot of that in the festival. There is also a free shuttle service at locations around town like Milford High School that will drop you off right at the gates. You can try to park in local businesses, but you have the chance of getting towed (if you can even find a spot there, too).

Festival Shuttle Service // If are or are going with someone older, take advantage of the free shuttle service through town for the elderly. Located at either end of the festival, there’s a tent with covered seats while you wait for a golf cart to take you back to the other end of the fair. Perfect if you’ve done it all one way and now need to head back. If only 24 counted as elderly…

Check in the Shops // There are a lot of vendors that come for this event, but make sure to peek in to stores along the way. Not only will they be a break from the heat and people, but they always have great finds inside as well as out. Plus, all of the stores are so unique and different, it’s fun to see each one. PS, usually Clothing Cove has cake or treats! Our other favorites, Hoot, After the Rain, and Home Again Decor.

Start Early // Usually around 2pm there’s a definite sugar crash that happens with anyone under 14 and some irresponsible adults, too. Getting there early helps avoid some of the chaos and late comers, plus a lot of vendors will have limited/unique items, so getting there before everyone else usually means the best pick.

Bring a Water Bottle // There are drinking fountains and spots to fill up water along the way, so grab a bottle before you leave home and save the extra $4 bucks for locally-made ice cream at The Proving Grounds.

Hit The Garage Sales // If you’re a fan of good finds, take a drive around the area this weekend for the biggest garage sale weekend. Plus, the neighborhoods of Milford are the cutest thing ever, you won’t be disappointed!

Milford Memories Festival: Tips & Favorites // CEO in Progress

Favorite Sales

Home Sweet Tree // Located a little south of Milford but still in the village is one of my favorite home decor/picking shops in an old warehouse. They have lots of specials going on this weekend so hop in and find something unique.

For Feet’s Sake // The shoe store right on the corner of downtown always has great sidewalk sales. I got my gray Sperry’s there for under $30 (they may have been little boys, but if the shoe fits!).

River’s Edge Brewing Company // Not really a sale, but they’re having a great beer tent all weekend with live music, food trucks, and award winning beer on tap.

90 Degrees North // On top of donation-based outdoor morning yoga during the festival, they’re also offering class passes for 5 classes for $25! I love this yoga place and try to go once a week to destress and strengthen.

Favorite Restaurants

Although there are some big food tents in the festival and food vendors in central park, you can try to snag a table at one of these places instead:

Americus’ Coney Island // If you’re looking for a quick bite before getting to the festival, stop here for good food and quick service before heading in.

Milford House // In the middle of the chaos, but surprisingly pretty big so hopefully the wait won’t be too bad. They have a great patio for excellent people watching and usually live music.

Blue Grill Mediterranean // Great mediterranean food and top notch hummus. Another place for a good quick bite, but also in the center of downtown.

Bangkok City Thai // This place has been a staple in our family since I can remember. Very quiet and tucked away in downtown, good place to take a break from the noise and craziness and get some yummy pad thai.

Village Pizza & BBQ // Just a grab & go pizza place, but call and put an order in when you’re about 45 minutes out and pick it up as you walk by. Then head over to the south side park next to the fire station and enjoy a little picnic lunch.

Milford Memories Festival: Tips & Favorites // CEO in Progress

Hope to see you out there!


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