Monday Motivation: Helping Orlando

After all that’s happened this weekend, I really don’t want to take a stance on what occurred. I think it’s too soon to bring personal agendas into the tragedy of these events. But I think that the way our nation reacts to these incidences now is sad.

Posting about how it makes you angry, how you are praying for the families, and how you want this to be a sign for things to come or a battle cry for some political change is great. But what have you accomplished? If you hadn’t noticed, most people aren’t converted to a new way of thinking through your political rant via social media, so really how are you contributing to this situation?

Even though this tragedy didn’t occur near me, there are so many ways that I can take a stand and make a difference to help prevent this from happening or be a positive effect from the horrifying situation, and most of them don’t involve going to social media. I think it makes us feel like we are contributing, but we’re really just being another voice in a sea of confusion, lies, and misunderstanding.

Instead of talking about the hate that’s in our world, go and do something to counteract it. Join a gay rights rally, learn about your LGBT community, sign a petition for something you care about, vote, be kind to someone on the street. Do something in the real, right now, physical world, that can simply show someone that you care. Even the smallest acts can make a large impact if done over and over again.

If you don’t want to stand for the injustice, then don’t. Do something about it, and make a difference in the world. Despite these tragedies that happen, we are a nation of lovers, doers, carers and believers, why don’t we show that side to the world instead?

I hope you can find a moment this week to go out of your way to make a positive difference in this crazy, confusing, hate-filled world we live in. Every little step brings us closer to getting over our issues and solving some serious problems.




Let me know what you think!