Monday Motivation //CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Keep Going

This time of the year it can be so critical to finish off the year strong. Remember those goals that you thought of at the beginning of the year? There’s still time to cross them off and get it done. It may seem like it’s better to just put it off until next year, but there’s so much that can still be accomplished this year.

I used to have a little phrase on a post-it on my desk that read “empieza y completa,” which in Spanish means begin and complete. Sometimes I end up starting something big, but the follow through is difficult. You need to keep going and finish. That’s what makes the difference. Here’s some tips para completa este año con éxito.

Monday Motivation: Keep Going // CEO in Progress

Review Your Goals

Read over what you wanted to accomplish this year back in January. How far did you come? What can you still do to make a difference? Sometimes just looking at where you started will help make the steps to the finish line even clearer.

Stay Focused

It’s such a distracting time of the year. For example, halfway through this post I stopped and started to look at backpack camping essentials….it happens. Take some times to remove your distractions and spend some quality time with your work. Even just 30 minutes of uninterrupted progress will help you move the needle.

Make Mini Goals

Set yourself little goals for things you want to accomplish before January 1st based off your original goals. If you had a goal of wanting to run a marathon but didn’t accomplish it, maybe set a goal to go the gym 3 days a week for the rest of the year, or maybe plan to look up training schedules and workouts for next year. It might not be all that you wanted, but it’s a great step in the right direction.

Prep For Next Year

The best way to get motivated this year? Get excited about the next one. Start thinking about what you’ve accomplished this year and where you want to go next. Setting up a plan will make you ready to go and get started early, there’s nothing wrong with that!

What are you trying to accomplish for the end of this year?


Let me know what you think!