Monday Motivation //CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Passion

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you’re reading this with a cup of coffee in your hand and some positivity in your mind. This week I want to focus on what you’re passionate about, finding it, embracing it, and living it everyday. Without passion in what you do, then you’re really just letting life happen to you and I doubt you’re able to fully appreciate the craziness and beautifulness of it. This quote hit me this weekend. I was just scrolling through Pinterest this weekend and immediately saved it and had to share with you.

Monday Motivation: Passion // CEO in Progress

This week as you’re starting out, getting into your routine and back into the groove, think about what you are doing. Think about how your everyday actions make you feel and if you truly do love them. Finding that job or that major or that lifestyle that you’re passionate about will allow you to work hard and love every moment of the struggle. It’s not always easy to find what drives us, but I blogged a while ago about some ways to find what you’re passionate about  if you need a little help.

For me, this blog is a passion of mine. I love sharing my experiences and connecting over everyday moments and milestones. I love reaching out and helping someone and also getting that help back in return. Sometimes it means moving around priorities, staying up late to write or edit, but it always leads me feeling accomplished and proud, never stressed.

This week, work on finding the thing that is your passion and put all your heart into it.



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