Monday Motivation //CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation by Ron Swanson

Why hello everyone!

It’s been a while you could say, but now with the wedding completed (posts to follow), the honeymoon traveled (of course posts to follow) I know feel like I can devote myself back to the blog.

Ron Swanson Motivation // CEO in Progress


Which brings me to my quote for the day and kind of the motto for my life for the past month. I really began to feel like I was stretched too thin. Not even time wise, but attention-wise and emotion-wise in order to do everything that I wanted. I decided to put my blog on the back burner in order to focus on having the wedding I’ve dreamed of.

This also gave me some time and ability to think about the direction of where I want this little website to go and what I want to do. Hopefully I can turn these ideas I’ve had churning in my head into a reality and provide some great value and usefulness to everyone reading.

Thank you everyone for your patience and continued reading. I’m excited to get back to writing consistently and spending lots of time creating great content.



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Let me know what you think!