Monday Motivation: Life Is Either A Daring Adventure... // CEO in Progress

Motivation Monday: Life Is Either A Daring Adventure…

This point of the year is really tough on everyone. The days still are short (although getting longer each day, woohoo!), the weather is still crummy for most of us, and the holidays have passed. This is the time when I seem to fall in this quiet, hermit-like state, which definitely is not the best! So this Monday, the quote is something that we all need to remember each day.

Life is Either A Daring Adventure... // CEO in Progress




For those who are stuck in the same rut that I’m in, it’s important to remember that everyday can be an adventure. But you need to make it one. You may not be jet setting everyday, but going to a new coffee shop, trying a fun new activity on Groupon, or just spending quality time with people you love, those are all daily adventures that make your life meaningful and exciting.

Here’s a list of simply, everyday adventures to help keep your life a daring adventure even when you can’t hop on a plane to Paris right now:

Rent an airbnb in a town nearby and have a great staycation trying out new bars and restaurants

Go camping at a remote site and stargaze

Take a cooking class

Go wine tasting

Try a new sport or activity & fail wonderfully


Spend quality time with family and friends – no phones, no tv

Spend each week creating your life around adventures big and small, and find the time to do the things that you love and the things you’ll look back on and be happy you did. They might be crazy or stupid or funny or scary, but that’s what makes life fun. Enjoy this week and see the opportunity to make every day an adventure.

Let me know what you think!