My Favorite LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn is one of the greatest tools that young professionals can have; it puts our skill with social media in a professional setting and can help make a big difference in your career! I found my job through LinkedIn, and every time I have ever been up for a job or had an interview, I usually can find a profile visit from someone in the company later on. Spending some time to make sure your profile is polished before you begin applying for jobs will help you come off better to future employers, so here are some of my favorite tips in order to help you get started!

Put your LinkedIn Profile URL on your Resume. I added this before my senior year, and I feel like it was an easy way to show off your accomplishments more. You can’t (and shouldn’t!) fit all of your skills into a resume, so having this ready and as an addition to your resume can help make a big difference! You can find your personal URL to your profile under your picture when you look at your profile in edit mode.

Add projects and include team members. This can help show off more of your skills in regards to teamwork, connect your profile with others, and may help you get more endorsements on skills and recommendations. At first I thought it was hard to think of projects that were worthy enough for future employers to view, but it was actually really easy and I think it’s a very important piece to my profile.

Have a professional-looking headshot. I am so guilty of not having this, which is awful, but it makes your profile look professional and not just thrown together last minute. I know it’s probably the number one piece of advice, but there’s a reason why. Take the time to take a nice photo, it doesn’t have to be too stuffy, but make sure that it’s professional enough where you wouldn’t be ashamed if the head of your company saw it!

Add good detail. Don’t be too wordy, but make sure that you are describing all that you have experienced and all of the skills you have gained. I use bullet points to make it look a little clearer and not like giant paragraphs, but I suggest following a similar format to your resume or what is recommended for your field.

Did you find your job on LinkedIn? Comment below if you did or if you have any questions – let me know what you think!



Let me know what you think!