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Tennessee Adventure: Nashville

We got to Nashville pretty early on Friday, so we checked in to our hotel near the airport and drove in to the city to walk around. Of course, we went on one of the hottest weekends ever (not really but super hot) and it was 95 degrees after we parked.

Most of my things I had found on TripAdvisor were outdoors, so we kinda had to change some plans last minute to find some more activities that included A/C. We first walked around the capital and the bicentennial park, which was gorgeous, even as we were dripping in sweat. There was also a great farmer’s market right next to the capital building that looked delicious.

Tennessee Adventure: Nashville

Tennessee State Museum

After walking for a while we needed to get inside, so we picked the Tennessee State Museum to stop at which was a GREAT option that I highly recommend, even if you like history only about as much as you like awkward silences. It’s a free museum that highlights all of the making of Tennessee, from native americans, settlers, the civil war, the antebellum period, and so much more.

The best thing about this museum is there is so much memorabilia, I was shocked that there were so many cool things in a free museum. Great furniture, old boats made out of cedar trees, lots of civil war memorabilia, like everything you could think of. We spent so long just browsing this great collection of history. Do it. Just Go.


We went to Broadway that night for dinner and drinks and had such a great time! We stopped at Broadway Brewery to start and watched some recaps from Wimbledon (yeah were so cool), and then walked down to the river before hitting Acme Feed & Seed, a great unique spot for delicious food and great drinks. Like if I could have designed a restaurant, it would look like this – plus they have a great rooftop view of the city – if only it wasn’t a million degrees! Our last stop was Rippy’s for pulled pork sandwiches and live country music, a perfect combo.


Tennessee Adventure: Nashville

Country Music Hall of Fame

The next day we headed back to downtown and went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Just a warning, it’s pretty expensive, $25 a ticket, so I would only suggest going if you’re a big fan of country music. Matt’s not a big fan of the genre, so although he was a trooper, I would say he wouldn’t recommend it. Myself on the other who loves country music had a great time seeing lots of costumes, guitars, and platinum records. It was a really cool piece of history that showed a lot about where music has gone over the course of it’s lifetime.



After Music History we made taco history with the GREATEST taco place ever (in my opinion). The guacamole felt endless and was amazing, we honestly almost went back for dinner since it was so yummy. It was called Bakersfield Tacos and you should definitely pop in for a delicious and pretty quick lunch in a unique, southern spot.

Our next stop was The Parthenon, which was a pretty unique, random monument in the middle of the city built in 1897 for the bicentennial. There’s not a whole lot there to see, there’s an art gallery inside, but we weren’t too interested in any of the exhibits there, so we just walked around, people watched for a bit, then headed to our next (and probably favorite) destination – 12 South neighborhood.

12 South Neighborhood

If I could pick anywhere to live, I’m like 70% sure this is where I would end up. Seriously so many unique, great shops, and awesome park, good restaurants, and the best part… Las Paletas – a gourmet popsicle business. Yupp. Amazing. I can definitely recommend the strawberry with chocolate chip popsicle and Matt was a big fan of the pineapple with chili option. Whatever your tastes are there is something there for you to try!

Nashville Adventure //Reviews and Pros and Cons of {Music City}


Reese Witherspoon’s store is just down the block too, Draper James, and being in there was the closest I’ve ever felt to being allowing to say “y’all.” Seriously, we were offered sweet tea when we walked in. What. This is also where the famous “I believe in Nashville” mural is too, bonus.


Nashville Adventure //Reviews and Pros and Cons of {Music City}


We hit up just a cute little restaurant Back Alley Diner for dinner, which had great salads, plus live bluegrass music and great southern hospitality, so win-win-win. Afterwards we did a bit more people watching, because I think Broadway is the second best place to people watch besides Disney. We didn’t last long downtown, since we were exhausted from the heat and walking and needed to get ready for the long flight the next day.


Nashville Adventure //Reviews and Pros and Cons of {Music City}


It was an amazing, quick weekend, but it will definitely be one to remember and a city I can’t wait to come back to to visit. Overall, here’s some Pro’s and Con’s to consider when you’re planning your trip to Music City.


  • Awesome buildings, architecture, and historical places. I loved just walking the streets and looking at all the amazing structures.
  • Unique businesses, restaurants, shops. I’m so sad Matt’s not a shopper because I think I could’ve maxed out some credit cards if I had some more time, and it wasn’t too hot to carry bags around.
  • BBQ. Seriously everywhere, and it’s all amazing, do your research ahead of time to find great local joints near attractions you want to check out so you won’t waste time.
  • Great southern hospitality. Seriously even the lady working the night shift at McDonald’s helped make our trip the smoothest.
  • Open container policy? Please clarify in the comments, but I’m pretty sure you can have open containers of alcohol on Broadway, I saw way too many people doing it for it not to be normal.


  • Driving is a nightmare! The drivers are insane and deadly, know where you’re going and keep your eyes on the road at all times
  • Parking – they have some great parking options, use this website for great maps, but if you’re not careful you can spend your whole budget on a spot that costs a third of the price across the street.
  • Entrance fees – everything has an entrance fee, so do your research beforehand and plan for it so your not surprised.

Have you ever been to Nashville?! What’s your favorite part?!

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Let me know what you think!