The Number One Way to Grow Your Audience

This question is always the biggest. How do you grow your audience? Every other pin on Pinterest covers it, each blogger has a whole course dedicated to it, it’s what this little blogosphere seems to evolve around. Sure, you can like and follow as many people as possible, you can guest post all day and night, and you can even use promotions and ads until your little heart is content. But without this one thing, you’ll be stuck.

You need to serve your audience. If you want to grow your network in a way that’s true and honesty, you need to help your audience with whatever drew them to you in the first place. You need to devote yourself to the people who take the time to listen to you in the first place before you can think of growing.

I struggled with this for a while, I was posting things I thought looked good, not thinking about who was on the other end of the post reading and what they needed. The result? Post views dropped, people became less interested, and I honestly didn’t enjoy it as much. After some deep reflection, I realized if I could provide useful and meaningful content for those who tuned in, then it would make a way bigger impact than posting whatever I wanted.

For all my blogger, small business owners, and side hustlers out there, look at what you are creating from your audience’s side and ask yourself what you can do to make their lives better, richer, happier.

The Number One Way to Grow Your Audience // CEO in Progress

3 Ways to Serve Your Audience

Solve Their Questions

This can be the easiest way to think about your audience. Try and answer their questions, use the information you already know or do your research. Spend the time to break down their problems and find the solution. Either it’s to what to cook for dinner, creative home decor solutions, or how to get started on WordPress. See if you can clear up a few of their concerns and they will thank you for it!

Simplify the Tough Stuff

Starting something new is scary. There’s a million uncertainties and sometimes you just have no idea where to begin. Well, actually maybe you DO know where to begin! Maybe you can share that information and help people make tough stuff simpler. If you can take the tough stuff that you’ve already mastered (perhaps writing a book, opening up a shop, planting a garden) and break that down in to a simple to follow resource, then that’s the gold mine of service for your audience.

Be a Resource

Lastly, be all around a solid resource that your audience can go to for information. If I ever have a travel question, I usually try Gal Meets Glam to start, since I know her as a resource to so many traveling hacks, destinations, ideas, etc. If I need any tips on business, I usually start with the Smart Passive Income, because I trust Pat has great content that will help me easily break down my problems into manageable pieces. Be someone’s Smart Passive Income (that sounds strange, but you get the picture).

However you want to go about it is up to you, but you need to keep your audience as your #1 priority and think of the best ways that you can serve them and make their day better. By helping them out, they’ll be more likely to share you as a favorite resource, promote you to friends, and stay engaged with you. Serving your audience will help serve you.

Let me know what you think!