The One Key Thing To Becoming a Morning Person // CEO in Progress

The One Key Thing To Becoming a Morning Person

I’ve always been a sort-of morning person. I liked when I got up, was able to drink coffee, relax, get ready for the day, and feel really prepared. However, usually my mornings were more like: jump out of bed 20 minutes before I had to be out the door, throw my hair in a bun, forget something important and put a pop-tart in the toaster as I threw together a random lunch.

Needless to say, I liked mornings, but they never worked that well for me. I started to set up a morning routine, but that’s still really hard to accomplish if you have a problem doing the first thing on the routine: getting out of bed.
About 6 months ago though a wonderful new tool entered into my life that made it all so much easier.
The One Key Thing To Becoming a Morning Person // CEO in Progress
The Phillips Morning Wake-Up Light it the greatest invention I’ve ever seen. It allows you to set your wake-up time and then naturally helps you wake up by simulating the sunrise prior to the bell going off. It starts 30 minutes prior to you needing to be up, and slowly fills the room with a dim yellow glow to a bright yellow light. This way your body has a chance to get accustomed to seeing light before you harshly turn the switch on in your room and put your body into shock almost.
At first, I wasn’t sold on the idea, but it really does make a difference to the transition between asleep and awake. You don’t want to hide under the covers when the lights come on and your eyes don’t hurt when you go to finally crawl out of bed. It’s amazing the difference that this makes.
The One Key Thing To Becoming a Morning Person // CEO in Progress
There are also other great features, like sounds that slowly get louder as you go, we love the birds chirping in the morning. It’s also a great dim light to read by at night that won’t strain your eyes. At night, too, it can simulate the sunset to help you get ready to sleep easily.
If you aren’t a morning person but want to become one, I cannot recommend getting this alarm clock. I’ve tried everything under the sun, but it turns out that I needed something that acted like the sun in order to be a morning person. I know get up around 5:15 every morning easily, which gives me plenty of time to journal, read, work on a project, eat breakfast and get ready before work. This schedule is something I could have only dreamed of before this Phillips alarm clock, but now it’s a reality and every morning I start my day with a win.


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