1 Photo A Day Challenge // CEO in Progress

1 Photo A Day Challenge – Let’s Do This

I recently saw something somewhere, great description, I know. It was a motivational quote about loving your life and all of that wonderful nonsense that is consistently shown on every platform of social media. The message is great and all, but sometimes it just doesn’t stick. This time however, it did, and I think I’m going to put it in practice.

The line basically was along the lines of ‘see beauty in everything, love your life, take a photo a day, smile everyday, laugh often,’ but like a better version of that, ya know? The part that stuck with me was taking a photo everyday. It’s such a powerful thing to see beauty everywhere, and capturing it as a daily reminder is huge.

1 Photo A Day Challenge // CEO in Progress

I’m really trying to work on my #instagram game (follow me @CEOinProgress), but there are some days where I feel I don’t have anything worthy to post. My life doesn’t feel glamorous or inspiring enough to share with the world. I mean how many more pictures of me drinking wine in my PJ’s can the world really see, am I right? But being on the look out every moment of everyday for some ordinary beauty to stumble across my path is a great challenge that will help me on my goal to boost my ‘gram game.

I’m a big fan of journaling each morning, sharing what’s positive and what you’re grateful for, so this is just like a photographic journal with the same premise. Photographing the little moments of good in each day. Appreciating what’s good in my life and stop comparing it to everyone else.

So join me! Take a photo a day for everyday for April and see your world a little differently. It can be of anything, as long as you see something beautiful or wonderful in it. I’ll post mine on my Instagram daily with the #CIPPhotoChallenge and wrap up here in a month with how it went. Enjoy!

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