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Favorite Podcasts for Motivation & Inspiration

Podcasts are amazing. I just recently got into listening to this new form of radio in rush hour. I was using Audible to fill my commute with less awful radio and more books, but it got to the point where I wasn’t feeling like spending $15 a month and only getting one book, which was usually listened to in about a week. I switched over to podcasts and haven’t looked back.

Podcasts are great for a couple of reasons, first of all being the fact that they’re free. The cheapskate in me loves that I don’t have a monthly subscription or need to purchase each one as I go. All you need is a player to play them through your smartphone, everything from Google Play to iTunes, and even Spotify. Also, there’s new content all the time. Most podcasts are weekly, but there’s always something different to listen to and learn.

I’ve been obsessed with a couple of favorite shows, it’s great because now I feel like I’ve started to know the people who are presenting, a little creepy, but no shame! There are hundreds of options for you to try depending on what you like. Right now I’m really into a lot of business podcasts, but there’s some great comedy ones and others that are just so interesting you won’t want to stop listening.

Here’s a couple of my favorites, you should definitely check them out and see if you are interested. Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment about the best show so I can listen too!

My Favorite {Podcasts} - GirlBoss Radio // CEO in Progress

Girlboss Radio

This is one show that I look forward to every week. She’s a strong entrepreneur, and each week brings on other successful women to interview them about how they got to where they are. It’s so inspiring to hear about these women who broke the barriers in their fields or who gave up normal jobs and started their own company, it’s a must listen to if you need some motivation.

My Favorite {Podcasts} - The Tim Ferriss Show // CEO in Progress

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast is definitely an interesting one. The writer of The Four Hour Work Week, Tim brings on extremely talented people in their field to learn about how they got to where they are and what characteristics make up this top 1%. The episodes are really long, but they go in to a lot of detail and it can be really interesting! Don’t give up on this one until you’ve listened to one or two, it’s a little difficult to catch on and stick with it but it’s becameĀ a great way to spend rush hour!

My Favorite {Podcasts} - The Smart Passive Income Show // CEO in Progress

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

The SPI podcast I think is one of the most actionable podcasts that I listen to, there is soooo much great advice in how to work hard now so you can enjoy life. Every time I listen I make sure to have my notes app open so I can write down ideas of what I want to do. Definitely one to listen to if you want to start your own business or run an online company.

Also – I just heard about another one at work on Friday called Serial, it’s about a reporter finding out the details of a murder case. I feel like I’m going to start it and be hooked – I’ll have to let you know how it goes! Have you listened to it before? What’s your favorite podcast?!



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