My Power Outage Realization // CEO in Progress

My Power Outage Realization

Ugh this week has been absolutely rough. A huge windstorm hit Michigan this week and left the Metro-Detroit area with the 2nd worst power outage in DTE Energy’s history. Guess who was one of the lucky 700,000 people without power?! This girl, right here.

Obviously I have not been alone in this struggle, but with temperatures dropping down in to the teens this weekend, mother nature really didn’t plan it’s crappy weather well. We were without power for about two and a half days, and I didn’t realize the struggle that every little thing would be. My parents always had a generator, so whenever the power went out as a kid we were at least halfway up and running. This time we didn’t manage to get a generator until the day the power came back on, so it wasn’t as easy.

After this whole little ordeal, I don’t want to whine and moan about the situation. Yes, it was not fun, but people went through way worse, and at least we could afford to go out to eat, had family and friends to help us, and the power did come back on rather quickly. The main reason I wanted to write about it was because of all that I was grateful for this week. So many everyday blessings that are usually overlooked were truly felt this week.

My Power Outage Realization // CEO in Progress

A Warm Home. Just having a place to come home to at the end of the day that’s warm and safe is such a luxury we don’t think about everyday. I’m grateful for our beautiful little thermostat and the heat in our home.

A Warm Shower. Nothing beats a warm shower. Literally. I think the high of my week was taking a shower at my parents that was like close to a half-hour. Perfection.

A Support System. Having a husband who is there for me, family who helps us with whatever they can, friends to open their houses to us. There are so many amazing people in my life that I’m grateful for each and every day.

Wifi. Okay I hate that this is on my list but it definitely is. I love the internet. I have no shame.

Running Water. We haven’t been able to do dishes, brush our teeth normally, cook, or do a million little everyday actions I didn’t think of before. Having clean, drinkable water at the turn of a faucet is a blessing that I’m going to try to not take for granted any more.

This whole experience has been something that you can think of as a gift or a curse. Most would see it as a curse; something to whine about, to get angry with, or to use as an outlet for frustration. Me, I’m going to see it as a gift. We were able to realize all the little things we take for granted, spend more time together, and we made it through just fine.

Let me know what you think!