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How To Read Even When Busy

I’m a huge reader, which I bet you’ve caught on to by now if this is more than the 2nd blog post you’ve read by me (example a, b, c). My Senior year at Grand Valley (5 classes + thesis + internship + sorority) I set a goal to stay up with my reading list, and not just for school. I had so many books piling up that I had been dying to read, so I found a couple of strategies to keep doing what I love while not wasting time.

Plus, reading is good for your health, your memory, empathy and can help you destress. It can help prevent alzheimer’s disease, build brain power, and can clarify goals. There are so many benefits that outweigh the few minutes of a day that you spend, I had to find a way to make it work.

I ended up reading about 10 books in a semester using these tips below, and I really do think that they are easy enough to use and stick with. Above all, consistency is key, and if you want to be a better reader, you need to keep at it using the tips below!

How To Read Even When Busy {Tips & Tricks} // CEO in Progress

Even 10 minutes can make a difference

If you can find 10 minutes a day even to read, you can sneak in 70 minutes of reading a week. Little chunks of time can be extremely useful if you keep at it consistently. I used to spend 10 minutes between classes a couple of times a day and at lunch while at work to catch up on reading, it kept me constantly going. Have a long bus ride to class? Hello wonderful 3o minutes of uninterrupted reading time – way more enjoyable than staring at Facebook.

Download books to your phone

I have both Nook and Kindle downloaded to my phone, but Kindle right now is my favorite. It’s an easy way to carry any book you want to read without having to lug another thing in your bag, plus you can always catch back up where you left off on your iPad or computer later on. There are a ton of great and cheap options too available to download as ebooks, check out these Kindle Monthly Deals or Nook Books Under $5 to find some cheap, good books to build your library.

Find a book that you can’t put down

There are some amazing books that will totally get you in the spirit of reading, check out this list by Real Simple or The New York Times Best Sellers List for some suggestions. Finding a book that you can’t stop thinking about is the easiest way to make sure that you finish reading the last page before you put it back on your shelf. If you take one thing away from this post – have it be this one!

Get a reading buddy

Finding someone that will be accountable to make sure that you’re reading is a great way to make you keep your book on your mind. You can even have little competitions while reading the same book to see who finishes first. Plus, nothing is worse than not having someone to talk about that ridiculous ending with, so grab a glass of wine and dish about your favorite characters.

Put it in your schedule

If you don’t have the time planned in your schedule already, it can easily be swapped for Netflix binging. Adding a few moments for reading into your daily routine will help you consistently keep reading. Start your day off with a chapter, spend a few minutes before bed reading, or bring your favorite book to the gym. Whatever you do, do it consistently and be sure to include it when planning out your day.

Hope these tips help! Leave me a comment with a book you’re dying to read!


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