Recruitment Time: Sorority Post Recap

I can’t believe it’s recruitment season again! It seems like just yesterday I was going through recruitment. I swear I can still feel the butterflies, nerves, and the feeling I felt when I found my home.

My instagram has been filled with different chapters and organizations spreading their excitement for new members and all of the buzz that recruitment brings. I had to share some of my favorite posts I’ve shared on the blog to embrace the holiday spirit (well a special kinda holiday).

How Being in a Sorority Changed Me Professionally.

How Being in a Sorority Changed Me Professionally

Lessons about an Office from a Sorority House

Lessons About an Office From a Sorority House


Grand Valley State Bucket List // CEO in Progress

Grand Valley State Bucket List

Before you Cross The Stage

Before You Cross the Stage

I hope those going through recruitment enjoy this wonderful time and those on the other side have a weekend filled with laughter and love. My sorority changed my college experience for the better. It made me a leader, a giver, a hard worker and the woman I am today. Good luck with all that’s about to come!


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