Review of Kindle Unlimited

I’m a huge bookworm, last year I read about 35 books and my goal this year is 50 (friend me on Goodreads to see how I do and what I read). I blow through books pretty quickly, and right now I’m in a business book kinda mood, especially when I read in the morning or on my lunch. It’s hard because I don’t have a ton of the books I do want to read, and I can never find what I do want to read at our library (plus I’m awful at remembering to return them!), so I signed up for Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

What It Is

Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription membership – like Netflix for book-lovers. You pay a base fee of $9.99/month and get to read as many books as you would like that fall under this service. There’s everything from classics to business to comedy, and there are a lot of best sellers and crowd favorites, too. Plus some books offer Kindle Unlimited Listening, so you can seamlessly go from reading the book to listening to the audio and back again.

My Experience

At first I was sold, I did the simple math, and thought if I read two books a month using this service then it would pay for itself. It really just made sense to me financially, plus there was a free trial, so I said why not and signed up. At first I was really enjoying it, the selection was great, and you can browse the selected titles really easily using their Kindle Unlimited Page on Amazon.

The only thing I realized though, is that you need to pick books that you will love and read quickly. I at first chose The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and realized unfortunately slowly that it would take me wayyyyy too long to finish and it wasn’t a page-turner enough for me to get into it. It took me almost 3 weeks and that was the only book I had (partially) read. I thought that if I keep going at this rate, it’s not going to make sense for me to use this service, and I’ll just get the used copies and save myself some money.

I ended up canceling my subscription, but within a month I picked it back up again, my wishlist was growing and I was realizing how many were included with Kindle Unlimited. I’ve been using it again for two months now and I’m really enjoying it. There’s lots of options, and as long as you keep up the momentum it really is worth it.

Kindle Unlimited {Review} // CEO in Progress

The Pros

  • Lots of options
  • Pretty reasonably priced for what you get
  • Audio Reading is included in some of the titles
  • Can use on any device
  • Can test out or try a book that you might not want to buy and read new things

The Cons

  • If you read slow, may not make financial sense to use
  • Can limit your reading selection
  • Having this service makes me want to buy less physical copies of books, which I would rather read instead of looking at a screen

Overall, I would recommend Kindle Unlimited to anyone who reads at least 2 books a month or that likes audiobooks. There’s some definite pro’s of this service, it opens up a lot of different options. My favorite being that I can try a book that I might not want to buy and give it a go with no barrier or cost to trying. If I love it great, if I don’t then I just delete it off my device with no other costs besides my time.

Give it a try! Check out the free trial or look at the titles available and see if it’s something you would use a lot, I think it’s definitely worth looking into if you love to read like me!

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