4 Reasons to Stop Rushing Success // CEO in Progress

Take Your Time: 4 Reasons to Stop Rushing Yourself to Success

Anyone who with an ounce of ambition has struggled with this at some point. You have an idea, a strategy, and plan, and at some point you just want it be complete. You want that crossing-the-finish-line, hard-work-pays-off, sigh-of-relief feeling, but getting to that point seems like climbing a mountain.

Lately I’ve been struggling with this too, I have so many ideas, and I just want to get to the end results, and it can be tough to remember that those who have succeeded haven’t gotten there quickly. You see those who have achieved what you want, but only see where they are now, not the effort that they put in to becoming it. We just want to get to the end. But any amount of success comes from hustling and putting in the hours.

We need to stop rushing through the hard work. Stop trying to fake it, trying to skip ahead, and trying to get to the finish line without winning the race. There’s so much to learn from the hustle that we need to just appreciate the long hours and the work that goes in to it.

4 Reasons to Stop Rushing Success // CEO in Progress

4 Reasons to Stop Rushing Success

You’ll appreciate the success so much more

If you grind day in and day out for what you truly want, when you finally get there, it will really feel like you did run a marathon and crossed that finish line. There’s nothing better than putting in true time and effort and seeing the results, so don’t try and rush the results.

You don’t understand all of the ins & outs of your business

Taking the time to do everything yourself and work on every little aspect will help you fully understand all that goes on in your business. You’ll learn your strengths, weaknesses, competitors, and where you can grow. You may not do everything all on your own forever, but taking the time when you begin to work on every detail will help you in the long run have a well-rounded understanding.

That which doesn’t kill you…

Only makes you stronger. What happens if you skip ahead to success and don’t learn how to become stronger and grow to match the challenges you will face? You’ll buckle under the pressure. Putting in the hours and not rushing success will help you grow stronger, learn from mistakes, and prepare yourself to take on running an empire.

You need to build a strong foundation before being able to build up

There are soooo many great tips, tricks, cheats and shortcuts these days. There’s an app or a program for anything, which is wonderful but also awful at the same time. Sure, if you build your business on these helpful tools you may become successful quicker, but your foundation of who you are will be weak and it could make you falter as you grow. Use tools wisely, but make sure that you’re still taking the reigns of each decision and action. It might not be the fastest way to success, but it will provide lasting success.

It’s not a bad thing to work hard and have ambitious goals, I never want to give off that vibe. But I’m just saying that enjoy the stress and late nights and hustle. It always seems like others just automatically were successful, but they worked their asses off, and now you need to too. Don’t rushing through the growing period, embrace it and sweat it out with a smile on your face.

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