Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish {Review} // CEO in Progress

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Nail Polish Review

The other weekend I was planning on finally going and getting my nails done. I’m seriously such a cheapskate when it comes to certain things, and I always hating wasting money on getting nails when I can paint them myself. Not well, but that’s besides the point. Plus my nails chip extremely easily, so it sometimes isn’t even worth it for how short they last.

So instead of going and getting my nails done, I figured I would try Sally Hansen’s Salon Gel Nail Polish, for roughly the same price and this way I could use it again. Win, win. They were $13 a bottle, and you need to get the 1st step (base layer) and then whatever color you want. They do have a really wide selections of colors available. I was surprised since usually with new/innovative products there aren’t that many options. I got “Pink Pong” and love the color.

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish {Review} // CEO in Progress

Needless to say I got home then realized you needed an LED Lamp to use the nail polish. Oops. Seeing that they can get pretty pricy through on amazon, I decided to borrow my friends from work instead (I am planning on getting one though, and there are some reasonable options).

The instructions are really easy, just paint a thin layer of the step 1 primer on your nails, let them dry using the LED Lamp, then move on to a couple of coats of the step 2 color, drying under the lamp after each coat. I just spent the morning watching a movie and painting my nails, so it was pretty easy.

The problem (mainly with the nail dryer) was that it took sooooo long to do. I was probably painting my nails for over an hour. Sitting and waiting, although I’m not patient, seemed like it took way longer than it should. If I’m doing my nails at home (and paying more money for it) I need something that I can quickly do so I can move on to other things on my list.

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish {Review} // CEO in ProgressWhen it finally seemed pretty dry (they actually get more sticky than wet), I started to slowly and carefully clean up the living room. Big mistake. After moving some blankets as daintily as possible, I still ended up with nails covered in little hairs. Like I looked like some sort of monster.

I didn’t have the time to redo them before I needed to leave, so I ran my errands with hairy nails. Icky. I was so incredibly frustrated that I had wasted my time and money on this.

However, by the time I got back to my house, showered, and then looked back at my nails, all of the little hairs had disappeared.  I was left with unscratched, unscathed, beautiful nails. Still have 0 ideas as to how this happened, but thankful that no repainting was necessary on any of my nails.

One problem that always happens with me and normal nail polish is that when I go to sleep that night, even if painting my nails in the morning, I still end up with sheet imprints all over my nails. Instead of being smooth and hardened, they still get damaged. Every. Single. Time.

This is the one big pro of the salon gel nail polish, they lasted through the night and when I woke up all of my nails looked as nice as the day before, woohoo!

Over the course of the week, they lasted really well shockingly. Usually I have three days before chips start to pop-up, but it took the whole week before there were issues. Well, except for a few that got damaged in a spray painting issue, but that one was my bad.

7 days later they still look okay, there are a few that need to be redone and one completely fell off, but not bad compared to usual.

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish {Review} // CEO in Progress


//Lots of different color options

//Not too expensive

//Simple Steps

//Lasted a decent amount of time

//Looks professionally done


//Takes a long time to dry

//The cost of the whole system starts to add up (there’s a top coat too that you’re supposed to use apparently)

//Needs to be touched up after 7 days

//The light is really tough on your eyes – be careful!


//Use an alcohol spray to help harden the nails after you’re done in the LED Lamp

//Put a pillow or blanket over the lamp to shield your eyes from it, otherwise you end up just staring at it

//Cut your nails down low, that will help prevent any potential chips

//Borrow from a friend if possible to test it out before you buy

Salon Gel Polish Overall

I would recommend this line. Although there are some drawbacks, I think the end result did look really nice and held up well even against some tough circumstances. Plus, the Sally Hansen Starter Kit can help you get everything that you would need at a discount. I’ll be using mine again and purchasing more colors in the future!

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish {Review} // CEO in Progress


Let me know what you think!