Sewing Class Review & DIY Project Ideas // CEO in Progress

Sewing Class Review and DIY Project Ideas

My mom got all of the girls a sewing machine for Christmas this year, which included a class on how to get started with the machine and all the basics of how to use it. Since my sewing skills are roughly the same as a brownie girl scout, I was all on board. We met us this afternoon at Joann Fabrics and got to spend the afternoon trying to figure everything out in order to get rolling.

It was a pretty basic class, but it was pretty sad how long it took us to get the hang of something the instructor only took 10 seconds to accomplish. Inserting a bobbin, harder than we thought! After some trial and definite error, we were able to test out some stitches and get a feel for how our machines worked. I’m sure we were probably her hardest class to deal with, considering we had a faulty machine, snack breaks, and students who all thought they could figure it out only to wind up with a tangled thread tornado. Oops!

It was a really fun afternoon, and in the end we made super cute pink batting sandwiches. JK they really weren’t anything in particular, but I’m keeping mine as a momento for when I look back in a year as I’m a super awesome seamstress and remember the start of it all (probably not going to be that awesome, but I’m hoping a pillow or two are in my future).

If you recently got a sewing machine, have one but have never used it, or just totally lost, I definitely recommend checking out Joann’s classes that they offer. They offer really basic ones just learning how to finish a simple project 101 style, all the way up to making a jacket.

After the class I got super inspired to test out my new toy and find a fun project for me to try. Here’s a couple of great DIY beginner sewing projects if you’re in the same boat that I’m in and need a good way to start out:

Sewing Class Review & Easy Projects to Try // CEO in Progress

Basic Zipper Pouch Tutorial 


Sewing Class Review & Easy Project Ideas // CEO In Progress
How to Sew A Kimono Top


Sewing Class Review & Easy Projects to Try // CEO in Progress

Reversible Poncho DIY

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to kick this week off on the right foot tomorrow!

Let me know what you think!