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Small Win Sunday: The First Step

Sunday is my favorite day of the week to be productive and work on big projects. Saturdays can be so busy with birthday parties, weddings, events, so Sunday is perfect for devoting time to big goals, from continual hustle to the first step.


This Sunday it’s all about the that first, crucial step. It’s usually the hardest and always the most important. Just getting that first action completed can be so crucial, it can give you confidence and answer questions that are holding you back.

I talk to so many people that have great ideas for blogs, businesses, books. They have so much content ready to go in their heads, they just need to put pen to paper. It’s that pen to paper that seems impossible.

{Small Win Sunday} The First Step // CEO in Progress

‘I’ll get around to it’, ‘I don’t really know how to do that’, ‘I need to look into that more before I start’. There are always excuses and things in the way. But today, just get it done. Don’t make excuses, make action.

If your plan is to start a blog, then open an account on WordPress and write your about post. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t need to know code or have¬†perfectly photoshopped photos. But something is better than nothing, and a start is all that you need to keep going and learn as you go.

Want to start a business? Write your business plan. What’s your mission statement? Who’s your target market? Where do you sit in the market place? Get these important first details hashed out and you’ll slowly pick up on where you need to go.

Take that first step. Today. Just get started. It can be ugly or error-ridden or inaccurate, but you started and you can learn and correct.

What’s your first step?


Let me know what you think!