Shine Like a Star in Your Interview: STAR Question Prep & Examples

Interviewing is tough, there’s so much stress leading up to it and nerves that kick in during it, even if you have the right thing to say, it doesn’t always come out right. That’s why prepping for an interview is crucial. There were a few times when I didn’t prepare for the meeting and wound up afterwards wishing I brought up certain points and kicking myself for stumbling over easy parts. I’ve learned though over the years, it pays to review your skills and experience before trying to sell others on them.

The best way I’ve found to do this: STAR questions. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result, and is a simple structure for asking and answering experience questions. It’s used in most interview settings, you may have not even realized it though. Most STAR questions start off pretty simple, ‘tell me about a time when…’ and prompt you to explain what your role was, your actions to solve the problem, and how the situation was resolved.

If you’re prepared to answer STAR questions, or turn almost any question into one, it is a simple and quick layout for showing how amazing you are. The only problem is, when you’re not prepared with an example that fits that scenario. Nothing is more awkward than a case of the ‘ummm’s. That’s why I made this list of questions that I found to be the most useful when prepping for an interview. Take this list and walk through each one, finding an example from your personal or professional life that’s applicable, and answer the task, action, and result portions.

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STAR Questions by Category


Tell me about a time when…

You had to tell your boss bad news.

You had to deal with a difficult customer.

You had a disagreement with a fellow employee.


Tell me about a time when…

You stood up for your values tactfully.

You had different values from someone and worked together.

You were proud with your work. What did you accomplish and why were you proud?

Work Ethic

Tell me about a time when…

You set yourself a goal and accomplished it. What did you do to achieve it?

You went the extra mile. What did you do and why?

You had to lead a group. What was your responsibilities and how did it go?

Problem Solving

Tell me about a time when…

You had to think on your feet.

You needed help on a problem and didn’t know who to go to.

You found a creative way to overcome a problem.

What’s the hardest question you’ve dealt with in an interview?!


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