Questions to Ask Yourself To Help Find Your Passion // CEO in Progress

Questions to Ask Yourself To Help Find Your Passion

Hands up if you feel like a lost little puppy trying to find your passion! We’ve all been there. It’s not fun and it feels like your wasting your time and usually ends up spiraling to self loathing and usually wine. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I think sometimes we try so hard […]

Tips for Training for a New Role // CEO in Progress

Tips for Training for a New Role

In my 9-5 there has seriously been an ungodly amount of training lately. Cross training with different teams, training new employees, learning a new role of my own. It’s been a lot of watching people use Excel, and if you’ve ever watched someone use Excel before, it’s not exactly party central. Unless you’re fully engaged […]

3 Ways to Simplify Your Social Media Management // CEO in Progress

3 Ways to Simplify Social Media Management

It’s no lie that I’m still struggling with social media. It’s definitely a great way to connect with followers and grow my business, but geeze it’s not my strong suit. I think it’s the consistency, I always try to stick with posting daily, a strategy, a scheme. But I still get distracted by watching insta-stories […]

Tools of Titans Review // CEO in Progress

Tools of Titans Review – AKA a Book Everyone Should Buy

Tools of Titans has been on my to-read list for a while. It’s written by Tim Ferriss, whose book The 4 Hour Work Week was a big game changer for me. This new book is a compilation of all of his interviews from his podcast, quite summaries of ideas and strategies of some of the […]

Etsy Shop Name Inspiration // CEO in Progress

Etsy Shop Name Inspiration Ideas

So you have a great idea for a shop or a special talent you’re ready to unleash on the world. But there’s one giant thing that you’re stuck on, a shop name for your etsy store. It’s a big decision, it sets the tone for your whole shop, and it’s something you really don’t want to go […]

Done Not Perfect // CEO in Progress

The Quote That’s Getting Me Through This Year – Done Not Perfect

We’ve already done a month in this 12 month marathon of 2018, what progress have you made on your goals? If you’re like me that question makes you kinda cringe a bit and divert the conversation to puppies. My goals this year feel like trying to juggle 5 things at once while googling ‘how to juggle’ […]

5 Tips For Working From Home // CEO in Progress

5 Tips for Working From Home

It’s a gift and a curse to work from home. We are lucky enough to work from home for my job one day a week, and at first, it was tough. It seemed like such a fun easy thing. Of course I could do my work from my couch in my PJ’s watching The Office. […]

My Favorite Thing To Do in A Rut // CEO in Progress

My Favorite Thing to Do When In A Rut

I feel a little like I’ve been in a rut. Not a big one, but just a little baby rut, kinda like a little pothole. I still get motivated and excited to do work, but there’s just that little voice in the back of my head that says, ‘what’s the point?’ and gets me all […]

January Monthly Recap / CEO in Progress

January Monthly Recap

As I start to focus more on business and etsy, I wanted to routinely post a monthly recap all about the status of my blog and shop letcha know how the month went. Nothing too structured or teach-y, but just a little summary of the last 30 days. I honestly think too that this will […]

Holiday Ideas I'm Taking in to the New Year for My Etsy Shop // CEO in Progress

Holiday Ideas I’m Taking in to the New Year

I feel like this is already a little late, although it shouldn’t be! Once New Year’s Eve passed time has flown by. There’s been so many changes and things going on this year already, but the end of the year and holiday season left me with so many ideas, lessons, and goals for next year. […]