5 Simple Touches to Make Your Biz Stand Out // CEO in Progress

5 Little Touches to Make Your Business More Personable & Stand Out

For all those sellers and makers out there, ever feel like you’re in a sea of competition? You want to stand out and show your passion, and interact with your customers more, especially when they’re across the world. Your passion for you business is so important and the reason that you do what ya do, you need […]

How to Price Vintage Etsy Listings // CEO in Progress

How I Price My Vintage Etsy Listings

One of the hardest things to come up with once you’re at the point of listing your items on Etsy is the price. Of course you always want to make money, but you worry about scaring away customers. You don’t want it to be to cheap either, that would make you lose out. Being my […]

My Favorite {Podcasts} / CEO in Progress

Favorite Podcasts for Motivation & Inspiration

Podcasts are amazing. I just recently got into listening to this new form of radio in rush hour. I was using Audible to fill my commute with less awful radio and more books, but it got to the point where I wasn’t feeling like spending $15 a month and only getting one book, which was […]