Monday Motivation: Routines & Habits // CEO in Progress

Monday Motivation: Creating Habits & Routines

It’s been a long time since I posted a Monday motivation post. I love taking time on Mondays to think about what my goals are for the week as I’m planning out our schedule and how I’m going to achieve them. I used to always think it was motivation that was the key, but after […]

Healthy Work Swaps

I’m on a health kick lately, not for any losing-weight kind of reason, but just whenever I eat like junk food I usually feel so slow and lazy – garbage in, garbage out! The main thing is when I’m at work, I’ve really gotten in to a food schedule, I’m sure you do too, and now […]


I’m sure I’m not the only one, but sometimes I just get in to the biggest funk. I have no motivation, I can’t get up early, I don’t want to think about my goals, and the simplest tasks seem 1,000 times more difficult than necessary. I think it was a combination of the holidays and […]