Holiday Ideas I'm Taking in to the New Year for My Etsy Shop // CEO in Progress

Holiday Ideas I’m Taking in to the New Year

I feel like this is already a little late, although it shouldn’t be! Once New Year’s Eve passed time has flown by. There’s been so many changes and things going on this year already, but the end of the year and holiday season left me with so many ideas, lessons, and goals for next year. […]

Favorite Holiday Recipes for Potlucks and Parties // CEO in Progress

Favorite Holiday Recipes for Potlucks and Parties

Anyone else have a million potlucks happening right now?! We’re in the middle of so much planning and prepping, cleaning and shopping, it’s hard to find the time to find a unique and creative dish to pass to all of the get-togethers and celebrations. I always find it’s nice to stick with a simple classics […]

Thankful - A Thanksgiving Post // CEO in Progress

Thankful – A Quick Thanksgiving Post

Happy Thanksgiving! Before we eat our weight in stuffing and praise whoever invented elastic, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the year so far. If at this time last year you would have told me what I would have accomplished, I would have thought you were joking. Life has done a complete […]

Holiday Bucket List // CEO in Progress

Holiday Bucket List

Can someone please tell me where this year went? I swear I don’t know how it’s already November. This fall went by in such a flash, I want to make sure that we take time to enjoy the holiday season, so I’m making a bucket list to wrap up the year. We have a lot […]

Ideas for Christmas Cards on a Budget

Christmas Cards are one of my favorite traditions. I love getting beautiful letters from friends and family, getting a chance to share some spirit and how the year has gone. Last year we sent out cards using Snapfish and I loved how they turned out, however they can get costly quick if you want to […]

Fourth of July – Always time for a side hustle.

I love the Fourth of July, long weekends spent by the water, fireworks, getting together with friends and family, as much watermelon and ice cream as you can eat. Who wouldn’t love this great weekend break from the norm?! But what if you could take this weekend and still enjoy it, but use it to […]

Holidays on Netflix

I can’t believe Christmas is TWO DAYS AWAY. I have no idea where the time went! It’s taking all of my effort not to put on Christmas movies and veg on the couch with Christmas cookies, but I guess I have a couple more important things to do. The sad thing is, this year I haven’t […]

How to Have a Meaningful Holiday

Sometimes I think it’s so easy to lose sight of the meaning and the essence of the holidays. For example, Verizon I think completely lost the idea of the holiday seasons by their Thanks-Getting Campaign. It made me realize that there are so many better ways to enjoy the holidays than to worry about what […]