How to Price Vintage Etsy Listings // CEO in Progress

How I Price My Vintage Etsy Listings

One of the hardest things to come up with once you’re at the point of listing your items on Etsy is the price. Of course you always want to make money, but you worry about scaring away customers. You don’t want it to be to cheap either, that would make you lose out. Being my […]

Sewing Class Review & DIY Project Ideas // CEO in Progress

Sewing Class Review and DIY Project Ideas

My mom got all of the girls a sewing machine for Christmas this year, which included a class on how to get started with the machine and all the basics of how to use it. Since my sewing skills are roughly the same as a brownie girl scout, I was all on board. We met […]

Tips for Finals to Get You Through the Week // CEO in Progress

Tips for Finals: Getting Through the Week

One of the things I definitely don’t miss about college is finals week. It seems like it took me four years to get it down, just in enough time to graduate. The first year I underestimated it, my┬ásecond year I was unbalanced, my junior year I didn’t sleep, and my senior year things finally started […]