Thankful - A Thanksgiving Post // CEO in Progress

Thankful – A Quick Thanksgiving Post

Happy Thanksgiving! Before we eat our weight in stuffing and praise whoever invented elastic, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the year so far. If at this time last year you would have told me what I would have accomplished, I would have thought you were joking. Life has done a complete […]

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life //CEO in Progress

The Ultimate Guide To Organizing Your Planner & Life

School is right around the corner, and for me, that always means it’s time for planners and a whole new organizational model. I think this is such a critical decision┬áto your success throughout the school year, it’s a tool you’ll have with you through everything. With 6 classes, work, a social calendar, long distance relationships, […]

In the past 365 days since graduation...

In 365 Days: My Graduation Anniversary

Today marks a year since I walked across the stage and joined the alumnae life of Grand Valley and Delta Zeta. There has been so much change and progress and unknowns in the last quick moment of time, it’s amazing where this year has taken me. In the course of 365 days I have moved […]