Victoria Beckham For Target - My Favorites // CEO in Progress

Victoria Beckham For Target – Spring Collection Favorites

I think my sister and I have been slightly obsessed with Posh spice for far too long. Ever since we tried to join The Spice Girls and watched their movie every single weekend, we’ve always thought of Victoria as one of our favorites. Over the years too she’s held a place in our hearts as […]

Favorite {Dorm Decor} Collections // CEO In Progress

Favorite Dorm Decor Collections

I wish I was going back to school just so I could go back to school shopping. The cute dorm decorations, new fun comforters, crazy storage in order to get everything to fit,*sigh* I wish I could still hit up my favorite stores and redesign a whole new space. Although we are constantly redoing something in our […]

Google Calendar Tips & Tricks // CEO in Progress

Target Desk Accessories

Our wedding registry is at Target, so I’ve been even more obsessively browsing all the great home and office accessories lately. They’ve really gotten my style down, it’s like they’ve been checking out my Pinterest boards or something, I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing. I’m a big fan of a little bit rustic, natural, […]

nap essentials from Target perfect for a afternoon cat nap

Nap Time Essentials

Did anyone else know it was national napping day? Probably because of day lights savings time yesterday, I’ve been dragging all day desperate for a cup of coffee or some couch time, or both. It made me think of my favorite blankets and comfy sweaters. So here are some of my favorites from Target, hopefully […]