Tools to Help Me Reach My Goals // CEO in Progress

4 Tools Helping Me Keep My Goals for 2018

It’s easy to set goals for yourself. But without the right action plan and tools, it can be impossible to actually stick with them. Last year, I had a great action plan to help me get it done, but it was a little overwhelming, this year, I’m focusing on some tools to help keep me […]

Favorite Tools I Use At Work to Keep Me Motivated & Organized // CEO in Progress

Favorite Tools I Use At Work for Motivation & Organization

My job requires me to wear a lot of different hats. No, I’m not a hat model (ha!) but I do have a lot of varying responsibilities and projects I’m constantly jumping between. The only way sometimes to stay sane is with a little help, well and wine too, but that’s always after work. Honestly […]

Lessons From My First Job // CEO in Progress

Helpful Tools for College Students

I had a pretty awesome post last week about organizing your calendar, but I wanted to expand that just a bit to include some other extremely helpful places that you need to bookmark now in order to save yourself some time/headache/frustration later on in the semester. Some of these were just complete lifesavers that helped me […]