Time Saving Tricks for Etsy Sellers // CEO in Progress

Time Saving Tricks For Your Etsy Shop

I want to focus a bit more on my Etsy shop and how it’s going on the blog. Everything have been moving really fast, especially with the holiday season, and there’s a lot of lessons-learned along this journey so far. With my already busy schedule and full time real job, it’s a lot to keep […]

Milford Memories Preview: Tips and Favorites Along the Festival

Growing up in Milford, Milford Memories was basically a holiday for us kids. This big arts & crafts street fair meant lots of game, elephant ears, and getting a chance to roam the streets of the village. Now, it means lots of great sidewalk sales, craft beer tents as far as the eye can see, […]

Practice Being Present: 3 Tips for Focusing on the Here & Now

I went to yoga for the first time in a while this week and it felt amazing. Not only was it a great work out, but it really helped me get centered again. My legs and shoulders are so sore today, but I was able to focus afterwards with a clear head and react positively no matter […]

The best excel tips to make you look like a pro and save time

Now I wouldn’t say I’m a professional Excel master, but I have been called an excel wizard before, so I would say that’s pretty good too. Excel is an amazing tool, especially when it comes to analyzing data, and it is without a doubt one of the reasons I was hired. I even had to […]