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4 Tools Helping Me Keep My Goals for 2018

It’s easy to set goals for yourself. But without the right action plan and tools, it can be impossible to actually stick with them. Last year, I had a great action plan to help me get it done, but it was a little overwhelming, this year, I’m focusing on some tools to help keep me […]

Grand Valley Bucket List

I can’t believe it’s already move-in day! Seeing all the posts from my alma mater about people moving in makes me remember my first day in the dorms at Grand Valley. I swear I will never forget the shear terror, excitement, anxiety and freedom I felt once my parents had me all unpacked and left […]

An open letter of advice to all college students

An open letter to every college student.

Hey there, How’s it going? I’m sure right now you are binge-watching your favorite show for the 100th time and debating how long you can procrastinate that paper due on Friday. I’m right? Yeah, I’ve been in your shoes. That’s why I’m going to try and convince you of something I wish I did earlier […]

Motivation for the 7 Stages of FINALS

I can’t believe this is my first semester without finals. For those of you still involved in the madness, trust me, there is a time when you truly can enjoy the holidays without pulling your hair out and drinking copious amounts of caffeine. But I’ve been there, and know how hard it is sometimes and […]