Tennessee Wedding {Getaway in the Smoky Mountains}

Tennessee Adventure – Smoky Mountains

Last week was amazing, we had an great time exploring Tennessee for several days and loved the chance to get out and explore a city we had never been to –  Nashville! This was this first time ever I had taken more than one day off work, I felt like I was playing hookey all week. We were down for a friends wedding on Thursday, so we spent three days right next to the Smoky Mountains, then drove over to Nashville on Friday for a weekend exploring Music City.

Smokey Mountain Exploration {Tennessee Wedding}

Townsend, Smoky Mountains National Park

We stayed literally 5 minutes from the outside of the Smoky Mountains, and they were gorgeous. Everywhere you looked there were great mountain views, so many forests, and someone even saw black bears crossing the road one morning. We didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have of course loved to spend in the park exploring, but we did get to drive around a bit and it was pretty breathtaking.

Smoky Mountain Exploration {Tennessee Wedding}

Cade’s Cove is a big attraction in that area, tucked in the mountains, it’s the remains of an old village from the 183o’s, complete with churches, schools, and mills. It’s a great 11 mile loop around the town that tourists can go and explore by bike, feet, or car. We didn’t get a chance to do this, considering it takes roughly 3 hours to do the full one-way loop, but it’s definitely on my list of things to do the next time we are in the area!

We did get to go check out the Tuckaleechee Caverns that were just a quick 5 minutes drive down the road, and I would highly recommend checking these out if you are nearby. It was a great tour where we got to hike through the cave, learn a bit about the history of it, see some amazing structures, drink from 98% pure mountain cave water, and see a gorgeous waterfall in the cave. Seriously it was an awesome way to spend an afternoon. Plus, the cave only stays at 58 degrees, so it was a perfect way to stay cool on a 100 degree day!

The wedding was beautiful and we had such a great time reconnecting with friends and making new ones from all over the country. But the best part was, Matt had to wear the cutest suspenders and bowtie! So precious, don’t you think?!

Wedding Bowties  {Tennessee Getaway}

After the wedding we got to spend an afternoon with my grandparents, who are basically the greatest people ever, but it can be tough to get some time to see them since they’re in Tennessee and Florida, so I love when we get a chance to chat and catch up. We stopped at one of their favorites, Cracker Barrel, for breakfast and chatted about weddings, their home in Tennessee, golf of course, and our jobs. It’s always tough saying goodbye to them, but we were excited for a fun weekend in the city!


Check out the rest of our trip soon on the blog!



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