Thankful - A Thanksgiving Post // CEO in Progress

Thankful – A Quick Thanksgiving Post

Happy Thanksgiving!

Before we eat our weight in stuffing and praise whoever invented elastic, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the year so far. If at this time last year you would have told me what I would have accomplished, I would have thought you were joking. Life has done a complete 180 for me, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Thankful - A Thanksgiving Post // CEO in Progress

For my family

My rock of a family is as strong as always, no matter the distance. With moves and new members, I’m thankful for this band of crazy people that understand (sometimes) my sarcasm and office jokes.

For my friends

Isn’t it crazy how in college and high school you think you’ll always have time to see people when you’re an ‘adult’? Now being a so-called ‘adult’ I’ve come to learn that that’s not always the case, but I’m thankful for those moments we get together. I’m thankful for laughing till we’re crying and completely being ourselves – and the wine that is usually involved.

For my husband

You’re crazy and I love you forever. There’s no one else I could imagine going through life with and supporting throughout all the ups and downs.

For the future

There’s so much uncertainty and change and growth that is on the road ahead. I’m thankful for the possibilities to grow my business, further my career, change course if I want…and for coffee to help me through it all.

I hope your holiday is filled with moments to reflect, people you are grateful for, and ten pounds of pie. Happy Thanksgiving and cheers to Black Friday!

Let me know what you think!