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Things To Do When Starting A New Job

Starting a new job can be extremely overwhelming and scary, no matter how prepared you are. Coming in to a new environment that you’re unsure of is difficult for everyone. It’s important to remember that you were picked because you would fit in and are capable of completing the job. So if you’re in the position of a new job, or even new classes, take a deep breath, relax, and read the tips below to help you prepare.

Tips To Starting A New Job // CEO in Progress

Take Initiative in Meeting People

Being a natural introvert, this is definitely easier said than done. But it can be so big to make a good first impression right away, and get to connect with people quickly. This will help calm you down, give you people to answer your questions, and make the whole transition easier.

Ask Questions

No question is a bad one, and it’s better to ask questions ahead of time than make a mistake later on because you never asked. Don’t be afraid to ask who, what, why, when, just be sure to remember the information and learn from the answers.

Figure out the Unwritten Code of the Breakroom

Trust me, you do not want to be the person who doesn’t make a new pot of coffee or that leaves their dishes in the sink. Figure out what’s acceptable and what’s not before making enemies over something dumb.

Write Yourself Lots of Notes

Even the simplest things should be written down and saved in a notebook just for training/instructions. You may think you won’t have any issues remembering how to get into that one program, but there’s so much information thrown at you things tend to slip. Plus, you’ll feel a million times better if you don’t have to ask again for help on something you’ve already be shown.

Take Extra Time Each Morning for Traffic

Ugh I always get so nervous about being late for uncontrollable issues like traffic or construction. Take even 15 extra minutes your first week so that you can figure out traffic, especially if you’re working in a new city. Plus it will give you a chance to sit in your car and relax if you’re nervous!

Take a Few Days to Figure Out the Dress Code

Although most businesses are business casual, there are so many definitions to business casual. Play it conservative for a few days and take note of what other people wear to make sure you have an idea of what’s acceptable. I always just stick to basic button ups and sweaters with dress pants until I get a feel for what’s okay.

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