Time Saving Tricks for Etsy Sellers // CEO in Progress

Time Saving Tricks For Your Etsy Shop

I want to focus a bit more on my Etsy shop and how it’s going on the blog. Everything have been moving really fast, especially with the holiday season, and there’s a lot of lessons-learned along this journey so far. With my already busy schedule and full time real job, it’s a lot to keep up with. The holidays mean a constant stream of orders, questions, promotions. It can be a lot to handle, but I’ve found a couple of time saving tricks that have helped me make it through with my sanity (somewhat).

Time Saving Tricks for Etsy Sellers // CEO in Progress

USPS Scheduled Pick Up

I use USPS to ship everything through the Etsy shipping platform. I’ve found the platform to be incredibly easy to use and offer great prices on shipping through the post office. However, it’s hard to find the time to make it to the post office during normal working hours. Thankfully, I’ve found the most helpful tool in the whole planet, the USPS scheduled pick up application on their website.

They let you add your ship-to information and schedule a time during your normal scheduled delivery for someone to pick up your delivery. When I can’t find the time to make it out to the post office, I can schedule a pick up and don’t have to go out of my way to drop off packages. It’s seriously saves me hours every week and makes me want to bake my post lady cookies.

Scheduling Posts In Advance

Everyone always talks about the importance of social media, and it’s so incredibly true. Every month I get a huge percentage of visitors from social media, the only problem is, it can be difficult to post daily. So instead, I use the scheduling tool on Facebook to set up daily posts in bulk each week, taking in to account things going on, promotions, new listings.

I also use Planoly for Instagram to plan out what my feed will look like and draft captions ahead of time. These couple of tricks help me post consistently right now. I still update Insta stories daily, add some daily posts as well, and respond to any comments or questions, but it helps me take one thing off my plate while I’m so hectic.

Communication Templates

Templates have been another big life saver for me. Have you ever been sitting in front of a blank screen, with that stupid little blinking cursor mocking you while you try to figure out what to say? I have some templates set up to help me work through those rough little writer’s block moments. They help me make a process of communication and keep me going. I keep my templates currently in the notes on my phone and computer, and copy and paste and adjust as needed with names. Here’s a couple of examples of what I have templated out and ready for use:

Listing Description Structure

Instagram Hashtags

Favoriting My Shop Communication

I don’t think I ever thought that my shop would get going this fast, and it’s definitely been a lot of growing pains along the way. Finding out these tips and tricks have helped me spend more time focusing on what’s most important. What have been your time saving tricks that you’ve picked up along the way? Post in the comments, I would love to learn more!

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