Tips for Finals to Get You Through the Week // CEO in Progress

Tips for Finals: Getting Through the Week

One of the things I definitely don’t miss about college is finals week. It seems like it took me four years to get it down, just in enough time to graduate. The first year I underestimated it, my second year I was unbalanced, my junior year I didn’t sleep, and my senior year things finally started to click.

There’s so much going on that week, and no ones’ schedules are alike, so it’s hard to simply give one “fool-proof” system that should work for everyone.

Instead of telling you how to study, how to schedule yourself, or providing you some system that most likely won’t fit your requirements, I decided to pass on some guidances and some tips to simply help you through whatever is thrown your way.

Have any big finals problems or questions? Leave a comment and we can solve them together!

Finals Tips To Get You Through The Week // CEO in Progress

Take Care of Yourself

Although you’re stretched pretty thin and have a million requirements, you still need to make sure that you keep yourself going by drinking enough water, eating right, getting your sleep, and working out. Nothing is worse than when your trying to make it through the last stretch but you’re completely worn down.

Stay Organized

Nothing is more stressful than not being able to find what you’re looking for. Or when you need to turn something in but can’t find where you put it. Keeping everything neat no matter how crazy life gets is so key to staying on top of your game.

Sign Out of Social Media

Such a time waster! I always end up resorting to Facebook when something is difficult or when I want to procrastinate. Getting rid of these little distractions can save you a crazy amount of time, so use blocking apps to help make yourself avoid these time wasters.

Keep a List By You At All Times

I don’t know about you, but I aways have the most random to-do items that come to my mind  when I’m in the middle of doing something else and can’t care of it at the moment. Having a list helps me keep track of these needed items when you get the chance and saves me from getting stressed over forgetting little things like “pick up Nutella” or “call mom about Christmas plans.”

Use Tools to Help You

Check out this post about great tools to help you get through the week. Resources like online flashcards, to-do lists,  and dropbox will help make it easier to study at any time and have everything you need. Also, if you haven’t downloaded f.lux yet, do it now, it will save your eyes when you’re studying all night.


The good thing is, you have already seen 99% of the material that you’ll encounter in finals. Although it may be a terrifying, stress-filled week, you need to find moments to relax through it. Spend an hour in yoga, mediate in the morning, so for a run, or even just take five deep breaths. These little moments will you back to a focused-you.


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