Tips to Get You Back On Track After Being Busy // CEO in Progress

Tips to Get You Back On Track After Being Busy

With all of the traveling that we’ve done lately, it’s been impossible to keep a normal schedule in this busy season. Looking back at the calendar, it’s been 7 weeks since we’ve have a full week at home without interruptions like travel, work trips, or holidays. It’s hard to let that kind of constant change not phase you, I’m definitely not used to that.

Because of this constant chaos, I’ve struggled a lot in the past 2 months to keep up to date on things. Etsy listings, new blog posts, cleaning, diet, exercise, it’s all been like juggling 10 balls while trying to run a marathon.

I’m not saying that this holiday season won’t still lead to a lot of changing schedules, events popping up in the week, and bumps in the road, but at least I’ll be home to handle all of it and work through it. I’m such a homebody that even just the act of sleeping in my bed, making my own breakfast, and having that little hint of control helps me get through it.

I don’t really think I’m alone in feeling this way too. Hands up if you’re hella busy right now too. It’s just the time of the year, it’s easier to fall off the bandwagon of good habits than saying yes to that extra cookie. But even though there’s a million excuses, there’s no excuse for putting yourself and your goals behind distractions. I put together a little list of things that I’m working on to help me get back in my normal routine.

Schedule Your Time

This can be a game changer when you working on getting back in the swing of things, no matter what it is. Nothing is worse than writing down a massive list of things that you need to do, not prioritizing them, and assuming you can get them all done at once. It’s just asking to get overwhelmed and watch 12 hours of The Office.

Put time blocks on your calendar to help you focus on what you need to do. Even if it’s just your calendar, writing down this dedicated time will set a commitment with yourself.

For me, I’m starting to schedule time in the morning to get back in my routine. I can set as many alarms as I want, but putting that time on my calendar make it feel like I have an appointment with myself that I can’t miss.

Plus, if you set time aside, it doesn’t feel like you have to make sacrifices in order to get on track. No more, “I’d love to, but I really have a lot of Netflix that’s counting on me.” You’re planning for that time and have nothing else that’s more important.

Tips to Get You Back On Track After Being Busy // CEO in Progress

Have a Reliability Buddy

This is my favorite when I’m struggling working out or getting up early. Having someone there that you can’t let down is a good way to keep your promise. Find someone who will push you when you don’t want to push yourself.

I feel like it always seems awkward to ask someone to be your reliability buddy, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is don’t go up to them and simply ask “will you be my reliability buddy?” cause you’ll sound like you’ve lost it.

Just find someone that you already trust and has the same goals as you. Say that you want to get better and hope that they’ll join you on the journey. Explain how you can help each other and get better. Plus it’s great bonding time!

Here’s a few ideas to get your head going for ways to be accountable with each other:

  • Set aside a night of the week for yoga or gym time
  • Take walks at lunch with a coworker
  • Make sure that each other wakes up early with a good morning text
  • Take selfies of you and the book your reading, competitions on who can read the most makes it more interesting

Start With the Small Stuff

If you’re feeling a bit like me right now where everything is a mess and busy and chaotic and off the rails (not going crazy I swear…) then here’s another tip that I would suggest. Start with the small stuff. Don’t go gung-ho (real word?) on changing every aspect of your life at once. You’ll just set yourself up for failure.

Instead, start with one realistic step that you can accomplish and work through. Get that win under your belt before moving forward more.

One of the things that I usually fall off the rails with regularly is drinking enough water during the day. If I can get the one habit of drinking water consistently through the day on track, then I can move on to the next struggle I’m facing. That way I feel a bit better, a little less overwhelmed, and a little more likely to take more bathroom breaks.

Tips to Get You Back On Track After Being Busy // CEO in Progress

Work on Your Diet

Trust me, this is far from the easiest little baby step. Getting my diet back on track is one of the hardest things I have to deal with – especially in the holiday season. I have the biggest sweet tooth and very little self control…you can see where the story goes from here.

But personally, once I start eating better, choosing more real foods, and getting rid of the junk, that’s when I feel a lot more on track. I have a lot more energy, feel more confident, and definitely have fewer cravings for things that pull me farther down the rabbit hole of junk and crumminess.

The best way that I know how to get my diet back on track is simply meal planning and grocery shopping (especially not hungry). I usually try to get meals and grocery lists organized on Sunday afternoon or Saturday night (party animal) and then use Click List, aka my bff, and order my groceries online. That way when I’m out on Sunday running errands or on my way home from work on Monday I can easily grab healthy options and I’m not wasting my time in the store.

Another quick tip: make simple substitutions in your diet. Instead of chips, grab almonds. Instead of pop-tarts, try bananas and PB toast in the morning. Slowly sub out the stuff that’s not doing your body good and replace it with healthy, yummy alternatives.

Not groundbreaking research here, but sometime you just need someone to say it before you act on it.

Take Rest If You Need To

Maybe I’m the only weird one out there, but sometimes once I’m finally back to a normal schedule, I want to jump in right away and take on the world. However, that usually leaves me feeling burnt out almost instantly.

If you’re just getting back in to the swing of things, feel free to take it slow or take the time to rest. Don’t feel like you need to go from 0 to 100 in a moment’s notice. Been there, done that, don’t wanna go back.

Take some time to get back to feeling energized, ready to go, and slowly add pieces of your schedule back in to your routine. There’s no need to rush success, you’ll just create more work for yourself later on.

Hopefully some of these tips helped you if you’re working through a busy period. I know for me even just writing these down made me feel like I can slowly have some semblance of control soon and get back on track. If you still need some more inspiration or ideas, check out these posts on rushing success, getting out a slump, and on focus – although if you made it all the way to the end of this post you definitely have that going for you!

What are you struggling with at the moment?!



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