Tools of Titans Review // CEO in Progress

Tools of Titans Review – AKA a Book Everyone Should Buy

Tools of Titans has been on my to-read list for a while. It’s written by Tim Ferriss, whose book The 4 Hour Work Week was a big game changer for me. This new book is a compilation of all of his interviews from his podcast, quite summaries of ideas and strategies of some of the best performers of all time.

I borrowed this book from a friend at work, and I’m honestly buying myself my own copy because I love it so much. I’m no where near done reading it honestly, but it’s not really supposed to be read cover-to-cover. It’s broken in to three sections: healthy, wealthy and wise, and each interview is in small mini-chapters (just a few pages) with different sections related to whatever they master.

Tools of Titans Review // CEO in Progress

One thing I love about Tools of Titans is Tim’s introduction. One big thing he talks about is how you should read this book. He says skip over the sections that you don’t want to read at the time, but be sure to come back to them. Just because you may not be interested in them, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t open yourself up to learning something different.

To me, I’m not as interested in the healthy section, some people are just crazy. But I still take the time to read over some of the strategies of olympic medalists and tough mudder champions. It inspires me to be better, even if I might not take on all of the strategies that they do on a daily basis.

Tools of Titans Review // CEO in Progress

Another thing I love about it, It has a giant list in the back of book recommendations from all of the people who compile this book. I’m constantly saving book recommendations on my Amazon wishlist, so having this reference is a game changer.

I’ve been reading it during my morning routine, and it’s great because I can read a summary of an interview at a time and get a few minutes of inspiration and ideas in my morning. There are so many amazing ideas and true talent that’s interviewed. It’s honestly a book that I could continually read for a long time. It’s big. Like really big, but it’s filled with so much actionable information, I think every time you pick it up you can learn something different.

This books is a 100% must, staple, essential for any person who loves self growth. I will keep this book on my desk for years to come as a reference for all those tough times.

What book are you looking forward to this year?!

Let me know what you think!