Treat Yo Self // CEO In Progress

Treat Yo Self: The Importance of Splurging & Kate Spade

Okay for anyone that knows me, I’m not one to spend a lot of money on myself. I’d rather use it for travel or for things for our house, not really clothes. Not saying I don’t love shopping, but I’m usually really responsible with how I spend it and work to find good deals. However, with a new promotion, a vacation (pre-Boston), and a lot of other things to be proud of, I decided to treat myself.

Every once in a while you just have to splurge on something that you’ve had your eye on for too long. New shoes, a new bag, or even that piece of furniture (you do you). Something to reward yourself for your efforts and perseverance. Mine was my first Kate Spade bag. I’m sure I got one of the best deals on a bag ever, but still it was more than I’ve ever spent on a purse. I had wanted a really nice cross body for forever, but never could justify it. This time however, with all the hard work we’ve put in lately towards all of our projects, it was definitely a good time for a treat.

Treat Yo Self // CEO in Progress

I was originally looking for a black cross body, but instantly feel in love with the leather tassels and cute cut-out detail. Plus it was the perfect size to fit everything while traveling ┬ábut not too big so I wasn’t overloaded throughout the day while out in Boston.

I’m definitely happy with my ‘treat yo self’ reward, and already have my goals set on what I need to achieve before my next big treat. I’m thinking maybe this Dange Dover Tote bag I’ve had my eye on? Or maybe something else totally different like a staycation or night out!

What was your best ‘treat yo self’ treat?!


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